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  1. .... is the 430 very flammable now? I got set on fire the first shot in first game in it at t9..

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    2. kreigermann


      I guess I got lucky when it was at tier 10 then.. I don't ever remember getting set on fire playing it. 

    3. Darvek


      I don't think we have access to fuel tank health stats, but I suppose it's possible they changed dramatically. But Russian meds catch fire. It's just what they do.


    4. simba90


      I;ve been set on fire once in 22 games. And that only because I didn't repair my fuel tanks in time. I noticed they were damaged and literally half a second later i'm burning. FF directive and 2 bonds a pop and repair fuel tank and you will very rarely burn. Running food noticeable improves the gun.