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  1. Sigh.... 3 day chat ban because I apparently hurt the delicate sensitivities of one of the lowest common denominator in this game we call WOT.

    I probably slipped up and used the "R" word.. .sheesh

    Polluting the game and making 14 of your teammates miserable for 3 to 15 minutes is OK, but call someone a name and that's a punishable offence.

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    2. Haswell


      This is the point where I remember how much better my mental health got when I quit the game.

    3. Errants


      Hey, no need for ad hominems here. I have been reading, and they first sounded like the entitled whines of someone who didn't understand the system. Hence, the comparison. Now, with the knowledge that this HAS happened to you in the past, with repeatable triggers and consequences, I'll change my statement - congrats, you're up to a 50%'ers level on this automated system. You've recognized there's a problem, you've recognized what happens when you do the action, and you can try to fix it in the future - as opposed to wondering why you keep getting chat banned.

      I was unaware that there was the possibility for an automated chat ban system based off of trigger words, mainly because I haven't triggered it. So, sorry for my lack of empathy, but I've found it fairly doable to play the game, get upset at stupid players, and NOT resort to denigrating descriptions of their intelligence, heritage, or other similar pointless and offensive comments.

      It comes down, in the end, to the same basic mechanics as vision control, armor use, and aiming in the game - you've got a system with rules. Learn them, use them to your advantage and profit. Or be ignorant/uneducated about it, and be slapped with the results.

      I've sympathy with someone dealing with bad plays and players. Hell, I've got my own whine status on the boards right now with my shit session from last night. I've no sympathy for someone who starts fucking with the rules, and then bitches about them, looking for pats on the head and a lollipop to make them feel better. You broke the rules, you got slapped. Get over it.

    4. kreigermann


      .... ad hominem?  Heh, ok .. I'm done here. pretty funny though. 

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