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  1. OH SHIT YEAH!!!!

    3marked my favorite tank in the game AND my first 3marked tier 9.  BOOOOOOOOOM! MURIKA!

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      Personally, playing 13 105 or BC is the pinnacle of learning to re-position. Usually I just wonder how in the hell am I reloaded already cos i spend my time driving to another spot and think of a plan to engage.

    3. kreigermann


      @SaintLaurentius, I'm currently building up my crew for the 13 105(already have it in garage), and Batchat  is my favorite tier 10 med. <3 it. I was originally planning on putting the iVstabs on the t49 to help me boost it up to 3rd mark but I might just put it on the batchat instead. My only gripe with the batchat is the same one with the t49, ambush an isolated opponent, calculate #shots to kill(ok 2 extra in magazine to kill, time to murderball)... pop in miss one bounce one and low roll ...  a lot like the T49, if you rush your shot or mistime your ambush you're screwed. 

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      Assassin autoloaders and derp49 honestly have a lot of similarities in playstyle.  The main difference is that derp dumps its load in one big meaty thrust but as a trade-off you have to pick your targets/aim your shots way better since you can't expect HE pens against most things that a batchat or a 13 105 can reasonably expect a pen on

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