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  1. OH SHIT YEAH!!!!

    3marked my favorite tank in the game AND my first 3marked tier 9.  BOOOOOOOOOM! MURIKA!

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    2. kreigermann


      @SaintLaurentius, no all 152 all the time. I considered swapping to the 90 for the last 1.5% I was stuck at(for hundreds of games)for marking but nah. I love the tank for the derp, play it for the derp, marked it with DERP!

    3. SaintLaurentius


      I always just shake my head when an allied T49 is using the damn derp. It's too inconsistent to rely on

    4. kreigermann





      Cleaning up my positioning and gameplay helped a LOT. To the point where I would laugh at RNG when I missed rather than get pissed off about it.

      If nothing else, this tank teaches a player to GTFO and reposition or die.  It has helped me with medium and other tank play too.

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