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  1. Things I learned this weekend: According pubbie XYZ I have impossible to attain stats through legitimate, incremental improvement in play.  

    He could not and would not be convinced that:

    A) I was not a filthy reroll(which contradicts B... if I had some kind of under the table connection with WG, or was using illegal mods.. why would I need to be a filthy reroll )

    B) According to.. .this.. um... person(?),  to achieve these IMPOSSIBLE stats I had to either be cheating by using bots(his word choice, not mine), or have a connection to Russia and WG. (Telling him I don't use mods, further cementing this FACT that I must be connected directly to WG, he implied I had a family member at a high level in the company.. wait, what?!).

    B) I'm REALLY not that good at this game....(OK, he was convinced of that, just not in the way I expected.. he told me over and over that his 45%wr makes him a better player since it is legit. )

    so... yep... I could apparently bot to better stats. FML is THAT how the good players do it?

    3x weekends.. where do these things COME from out of the woodwork?  Its been a long time since I felt so overwhelmed by a sea of shit, but this last weekend just took the cake.



    1. kreigermann


      won't let me correct my second B) to a C).... dunno why.

    2. Marver95


      Why didn't you told him that your dad is Putin, and you will nuke the shit out of him if he won't shut his mouth up? :D

    3. kreigermann


      I'm not entirely convinced it was human.. I'm pretty sure there were several missing or added chromosomes....

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