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  1. pubbies: (while playing cancer)After openly admitting they XVM focused me in a previous game when I was playing a mid tier med when they had far easier shots available to them, gets pant-shitting angry when I oneshot them in my JPE. 

    "oops" - Kreigermann

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    2. tajj7


      That is what blacklist is for, see someone on my team in arty on my blacklist, load HE and it it's enough for one shot, bye bye, then quickly unblacklist them, send them a message that karma is bitch and then put them back of the blacklist. 

    3. Archaic_One


      The other day I got frustrated that nobody was moving at all on Prok while I was working mid in my 5a against 3 arty.  Obviously as the only non camper, I was getting all of the clicker love.  At one point when I was getting dark one of our arty said 'spot 5a!' . . . I spotted his ass all right - with an HE pen, then for giggles I went ahead and killed our T-92 too, then took an hour off.  Worth it.  You're doing the lords work friend, keep the faith!

    4. kreigermann


      To be clear. I don't typically TK arty... as annoying as fuck as they are and a pure cancer to the game, they are still an asset on the team(ugh, did I just fucking type that?)...  it takes a particularly notable piece of shit to stick out in my memory enough to REMEMBER the match vividly enough to even say something about the XVM focus. When he confirmed my suspicions with something like "yeah I focused him in a match"  It was time to execute his POS ass.

      I click on occasion for missions, I have a reasonable handle on what target priority and angles of shit-on-your-game doomlaser is capable of and what other targets are also viable. (I run modless with nametags turned off) I've focused people and flanks to support an overmatch or protect against an overmatch I understand when I get clicked because I made a risky, over exposing aggressive play. (Yeah, it is still frustrating in the moment though). What I have never done is focus someone due to name recognition, clan recognition or other stupid, non target priority related reason.  That shit is insanely frustrating.


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