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  1. 10K spotting? Ten-kay spoootttiiiinnnggggg!

    <3 visiongames


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    2. kreigermann


      Sure, but it isn't that exciting, lit them and my team obliged(the stars aligned just right). I'll try to remember to upload it tonight after work.

      So many times on campinovka I'll light 10+ tanks and get almost no spotting.



    3. 8_Hussars


      That happens a lot more than it should.  Just interested to compare with a 5k+ passive assisted on Prok (ELC bis) which I rarely do, or maybe you have a super secret spot I am unaware of...

    4. kreigermann


      I almost never early passive scout on prok now. The previously good bushes are too obvious and well known and the number of turds that suiscout those bushes combined with teammates who would rather drool onto their keyboards than kill the rushing turd has made it a choice against it for me. The only time in recent memory I've passive scouted is when there was one scout on each team and the enemy scout got spotted going hill and died in the first 30s(no, really.. like.. how?!) so then I rushed over to the good bush and racked up a huge spotting score but that is rare. Nowadays I  surf the ridge or slowly crawl up the bush-line to spot them when they shoot.

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