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  1. another fine example of contact with a pubbie... note we lost.. I did 4500 damage in a 3-5-7 game in a conway and my team still managed to find a way to lose. 

    This moron messages me after the game accusing me of cheating.. then his clannie messages me accusing me of .. talking shit about his clan? 

    so... "platoon 2 was running cheat mods"... but then why the fuck message me? I was solo.. my brain hurts


    .. that first conversation did have some more to it where I told him to stop failing at seal clubbing tier 6 average since he was so good. ... maybe that's what got them all riled up. 

    1. hazzgar


      Yeah I had some recent contact with a pubbie who slammed me for being noob on my new XVM camo account because I had 52% wr overal and he had 56% WR overal while playing 11k battles (out of 20k total) in t67 (67% wr in this), 4k in a type64 and 2k in a b2... 

      That dude did 0 dmg but I'm a noob because I didn't listen to his late game advice of soloing a med I cannot clip 70% of the time in my elc even...

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