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  1. another fine example of contact with a pubbie... note we lost.. I did 4500 damage in a 3-5-7 game in a conway and my team still managed to find a way to lose. 

    This moron messages me after the game accusing me of cheating.. then his clannie messages me accusing me of .. talking shit about his clan? 

    so... "platoon 2 was running cheat mods"... but then why the fuck message me? I was solo.. my brain hurts


    .. that first conversation did have some more to it where I told him to stop failing at seal clubbing tier 6 average since he was so good. ... maybe that's what got them all riled up. 

    1. hazzgar


      Yeah I had some recent contact with a pubbie who slammed me for being noob on my new XVM camo account because I had 52% wr overal and he had 56% WR overal while playing 11k battles (out of 20k total) in t67 (67% wr in this), 4k in a type64 and 2k in a b2... 

      That dude did 0 dmg but I'm a noob because I didn't listen to his late game advice of soloing a med I cannot clip 70% of the time in my elc even...

  2. ... yeah... I wish I had been kidding and incorrect....
  3. Called it... this shit is gonna make the yolowagon v4 look like a glass cannon.


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    2. kreigermann


      lol... yet

      while there are tanks that have been in the files for a while not in the game.. this is WG.. maybe for a special event or some weird battle mode or something, hopefully... but I think we'll see this in some form or another.

    3. Unavailebow


      It will be, years after the main harvest has ended, as a last resort from the finance department:retard:

    4. hazzgar


      Yeah they are spending time testing it but "it will not be in the game"... Unless it's for some special event mode it will be in the game

      Funny thing is they would lose less money if 1.0 didn't block so many people from playing

  4. holy shit.. its like the scorpion had too many crumpets or whatever the fuck they eat to get that big
  5. I don’t know about the FV4005 s1 autoloader but the T58 155 was a thing(prototype mock up at least) http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/155mm-gun-tank-t58/
  6. Shit, since they’re so busy breaking the game can I finally please have the T58 155mm turreted autoloader please? ‘Cause MURIKA and I’d actually free XP to that broken thing Immediately.
  7. This is just the countdown to: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_279 LOL
  8. Meathead lives in the S.F. Bay area.
  9. SO.. WG says they need to fix prefMM tanks by changing alllll of those tanks, rebalance everything, test them out so they can FIX THE MM right?

    Well.. you know how else they can fix this issue?  +1/-1 MM.. everything becomes prefMM.. which do you think takes more work to enable?

    Fixing 10+ tanks or.... changing the MM brackets to +/-1.  Hmmmmm

    What's the actual goal here?  Overbuff and sell more. .

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    2. kreigermann


      Agreed, but don't you think it would be easier to balance/tweak between tiers at +/- 1? I mean, they've so far failed with +/- 2.... maybe on purpose.

      The cynic in me sees their past rhetoric and their decisions.  It seems they really want to encourage people to get to tier 10 regardless of whether the player wants to play at 10. 

      Well, I found this funny:


    3. Haswell


      23 minutes ago, kreigermann said:

      It seems they really want to encourage people to get to tier 10 regardless of whether the player wants to play at 10. 

      T10 is their "endgame" and a big money sink, of course they want you to get to T10 so you'll either buy prem tanks or prem time (or both).

    4. kreigermann
  10. 10K spotting? Ten-kay spoootttiiiinnnggggg!

    <3 visiongames


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    2. 8_Hussars


      I often do the route I saw hairlesmonkeyboy do many moons ago from north spawn and spotted lots of stuff going hill and east side rails so I went and stayed on the crest of the hill.  It took the team some time to get going but eventually they started shooting lit tanks.  The enemy put 10-12 tanks on the east side and a couple in F6 so the 1/2 line was barren and low risk to push anyway.  More often than not I just surf the ridge and exploit openings as you mentioned.

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      10K? Did that in my E25 once.

    4. kreigermann


      that's because the E25 is a LT incorrectly-categorized as a TD. I've pulled a 9k +(3k/6k or something like that) combined in it, but I absolutely despise anything below tier 8 so I don't play it very often.

  11. thought of the moment

    When I feel even a little guilty for spending the amount of money on this game I have over the course of several years..

    then I look at how much my other hobbies and current new interests have/are costing and it helps me realize in the big picture wot is really cheap even when fully funded out of pocket compared to my current next venture. 

    premtime/bucketload of premtans/goldpackages blaaah blaaah blaaah.  for the number of hours spent keeping me out of my other hobbies, I probably saved money.. 


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    2. Errants


      One of the reasons my wife likes the game.

    3. hazzgar


      The problem is not money spent but time spent. 

    4. Unavailebow


      On the opposite side you have people like me spending way too much on whatever games it is

      WoT and Warframe in particular, need not to count the exact value but enough money to get my room fill with electronics.

  12. Doing it the grindy way, made it to middle of 5th mission in a few evenings play. I've been averaging 1k base xp/battle over the last 3 days over 99 games by playing mostly tier 8/9s (you get more XP and credits for punching up.) sprinkle in generous use of premammo and only playing what you are comfortable in. LTs/Meds for me mostly.. I still expect to spend money to pick up the tank on discount.. my work schedule has been inconducive to marathons like this.
  13. I picked this up because I want something for the 50b crew and I haven't learned my lesson not to give WG my money. Exactly what @DHP wrote. I'm 80+ games in since picking it up. It is very MM dependent. I've noticed on NA when the server pop is swollen(recently post 1.0 and on weekends) this thing can slay because you aren't used as filler for T10 games as often. When top tier you can clip out most equal tier tanks and reasonably expect to bounce. The flat front(shoulderless) armor lets you side scrape a bit more reliably with its 90mm side armor(which is what the 50 100 has for
  14. Thanks, it is echoing how I THINK I've been playing it. I think one of the problems is I only take it out late night end of session games when I'm about to go to bed and consequently make poor choices. I have decent games in it.. but still tend to lose those high score game(4-6k) I'm admittedly pretty poor at things that don't go fast. I've also been getting bad match ups since the bullshitwagon v4 platoons are a thing. Can do a decent job 1v1 and control the engagement but when there are 2 or even 3 of them and they just all +arty decide to: KILL THE JPEERMERGERRD XVMmmmmm-shit-pants yoloyo
  15. Really nice when you finish it with a great game

  16. Necro-ish..? Is there anyone here that plays this thing well that could please post some replays I can watch? Does anyone bother with this thing at all? I've been playing it on and off recently and after a couple fistfuls of games(30ish) in this tank.. It is very clear I'm playing this thing absolutely wrong. Frustrating as hell, and my worst wr in any tank. Thanks.
  17. pubbies: (while playing cancer)After openly admitting they XVM focused me in a previous game when I was playing a mid tier med when they had far easier shots available to them, gets pant-shitting angry when I oneshot them in my JPE. 

    "oops" - Kreigermann

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    2. tajj7


      That is what blacklist is for, see someone on my team in arty on my blacklist, load HE and it it's enough for one shot, bye bye, then quickly unblacklist them, send them a message that karma is bitch and then put them back of the blacklist. 

    3. Archaic_One


      The other day I got frustrated that nobody was moving at all on Prok while I was working mid in my 5a against 3 arty.  Obviously as the only non camper, I was getting all of the clicker love.  At one point when I was getting dark one of our arty said 'spot 5a!' . . . I spotted his ass all right - with an HE pen, then for giggles I went ahead and killed our T-92 too, then took an hour off.  Worth it.  You're doing the lords work friend, keep the faith!

    4. kreigermann


      To be clear. I don't typically TK arty... as annoying as fuck as they are and a pure cancer to the game, they are still an asset on the team(ugh, did I just fucking type that?)...  it takes a particularly notable piece of shit to stick out in my memory enough to REMEMBER the match vividly enough to even say something about the XVM focus. When he confirmed my suspicions with something like "yeah I focused him in a match"  It was time to execute his POS ass.

      I click on occasion for missions, I have a reasonable handle on what target priority and angles of shit-on-your-game doomlaser is capable of and what other targets are also viable. (I run modless with nametags turned off) I've focused people and flanks to support an overmatch or protect against an overmatch I understand when I get clicked because I made a risky, over exposing aggressive play. (Yeah, it is still frustrating in the moment though). What I have never done is focus someone due to name recognition, clan recognition or other stupid, non target priority related reason.  That shit is insanely frustrating.


  18. Only gotten it once in two sessions. Went in a training room yesterday and derped around for 25 min ish.. Here is a copy of the glacier minimap. Below are my first impressions on what I plan on trying for in LTs for now, and what happened in my first game on it. Far from a "meta analysis" but maybe its helpful in the early weeks/months of the map being out. The game I was in went down like the red arrows.. TDs and heavies stuck around the outside ring. A group of heavies went north east to fight in that corridor. Several of their tanks(mix of heavies, M
  19. New Glacier map.. is fucking awful. That is all.

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    2. Darvek


      Played it once, had a pretty enjoyable, dynamic game. But whether that's going to be true in the future as people learn the map and a meta develops I couldn't say.

    3. kreigermann


      I had honestly forgotten they put a new map in, or I would have gone in a training room right off. I didn't get it in the rotation until the very end of my session.

      Basically I played the map just off of impressions I got on the minimap and during countdown. Still got one penetrating derpshot but that.. that's just not enough chodepunting.

    4. ZXrage


      SE for sneaky pushes, NW for corridoring, middle is for light dogfighting, the opening to the aircraft carrier in the middle can be used to fire down on the NW corridor like Mines/Abbey

      t. Someone who went into a training room and explored

  20. nothing quite like getting set on fire 3 games in a row.. this fucking game sometimes..

  21. Things I learned this weekend: According pubbie XYZ I have impossible to attain stats through legitimate, incremental improvement in play.  

    He could not and would not be convinced that:

    A) I was not a filthy reroll(which contradicts B... if I had some kind of under the table connection with WG, or was using illegal mods.. why would I need to be a filthy reroll )

    B) According to.. .this.. um... person(?),  to achieve these IMPOSSIBLE stats I had to either be cheating by using bots(his word choice, not mine), or have a connection to Russia and WG. (Telling him I don't use mods, further cementing this FACT that I must be connected directly to WG, he implied I had a family member at a high level in the company.. wait, what?!).

    B) I'm REALLY not that good at this game....(OK, he was convinced of that, just not in the way I expected.. he told me over and over that his 45%wr makes him a better player since it is legit. )

    so... yep... I could apparently bot to better stats. FML is THAT how the good players do it?

    3x weekends.. where do these things COME from out of the woodwork?  Its been a long time since I felt so overwhelmed by a sea of shit, but this last weekend just took the cake.



    1. kreigermann


      won't let me correct my second B) to a C).... dunno why.

    2. Marver95


      Why didn't you told him that your dad is Putin, and you will nuke the shit out of him if he won't shut his mouth up? :D

    3. kreigermann


      I'm not entirely convinced it was human.. I'm pretty sure there were several missing or added chromosomes....

  22. OH SHIT YEAH!!!!

    3marked my favorite tank in the game AND my first 3marked tier 9.  BOOOOOOOOOM! MURIKA!

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      Personally, playing 13 105 or BC is the pinnacle of learning to re-position. Usually I just wonder how in the hell am I reloaded already cos i spend my time driving to another spot and think of a plan to engage.

    3. kreigermann


      @SaintLaurentius, I'm currently building up my crew for the 13 105(already have it in garage), and Batchat  is my favorite tier 10 med. <3 it. I was originally planning on putting the iVstabs on the t49 to help me boost it up to 3rd mark but I might just put it on the batchat instead. My only gripe with the batchat is the same one with the t49, ambush an isolated opponent, calculate #shots to kill(ok 2 extra in magazine to kill, time to murderball)... pop in miss one bounce one and low roll ...  a lot like the T49, if you rush your shot or mistime your ambush you're screwed. 

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      Assassin autoloaders and derp49 honestly have a lot of similarities in playstyle.  The main difference is that derp dumps its load in one big meaty thrust but as a trade-off you have to pick your targets/aim your shots way better since you can't expect HE pens against most things that a batchat or a 13 105 can reasonably expect a pen on

  23. \o/ many thanks to @CraBeatOff and @rev01ution for your advice and encouragement several months ago. Implementing it into my gameplay took a little time, and it took waaaaay longer than I would have hoped for, mark hung at 93% for the last several hundred games... still, I'm pretty proud of this, 3-marking my favorite tank in the game. HELL YEAH! edit: Mark was done entirely with 152 derp. Will post my last 5 + or so games for entertainment purposes.
  24. ugh... can I please stop working 13 hour days. :/

    1. TAdoo87


      Man, that sucks. I know the feeling, but luckily it is in my past. I hope at least you like your job somewhat.  

    2. MacusFlash
    3. kreigermann


      Thankfully I love my job.

      More that you can only push yourself so long to get shit done, and I'm starting to burn out(gettingoldersucks).   Compared to the hours I put in my first job out of college I'm whining about nothing..

  25. So, just to update here. I watched the replay a couple times and slowed it down to make sure I didn't miss anything. I learned a couple things about this game I didn't know 1) You won't always get the same information reported replay to replay. In 3 rewatches I got: 113X, 1155, and 112X(I dunno I didn't write it down, I only remembered the 1155 because that was in the end plates) None of the viewings showed the fire, or the fire damage tick either in the damage panel or as an independent tick of X damage. BUT I'm pretty convinced it was a single tick of fire that for whatever reason the p
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