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  1. Kharkov is just another massive pile of garbage. The old one was bad, this is even worse. Massive area of the map essentially unplayable due to nice TD nests on both ends for the 80% of the player base that don't like to stray too far from the base and just sit in a bush, then hide behind a building if and when spotted. Rinse and repeat. Wonderful "dynamic" gameplay, as always. What maps should be all about.
  2. DirtyACE7


    Yeah it's a great light tank. Better than any tier 8 light and most tier 9's as well. They just had it on NA for sale and I paid like $30 for it.
  3. DirtyACE7

    UDES 16

    Sorry, I was mistaking the tier 9 for tier 10.
  4. WZ-132A, be gone you filthy, cancerous swine of a tank. Simply rage-inducing. Every. Single. Game. Free XPed the last 35k to get the tier 10.

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    2. Oicraftian


      Chinese tier 8&9, 100mm gun acc is spectacularly bad.

      For the tier 8... You can actually run it with the 85mm to pretend it is the old WZ-131. It is about the same DPM if you use the bonds rammer, bonds vents, food, BIA, against old WZ-131 with vents and rammer.

      tbh, it is probably more fun.

    3. 8_Hussars


      I found the T10 alright as a medium with camo on the move.  The T9 was trash as already stated.

    4. DirtyACE7


      @Oicraftian I actually really enjoyed the tier 8. Worked really well for me. Accuracy wasn't amazing by any means but solid enough. Tier 9 on the other hand is a disgusting pile of trash.

  5. I got it done with the SU-100. Thanks guys! Shot 100% APCR and camped bush hard at least half the time.
  6. Played the Skorp yesterday. 10 losses in a row? The closest one was 5-15. Huh? Wtf?

    Tried tooning with a couple purples. 30% win rate. LOL. Is the WoT player base getting dumber and dumber?

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    2. Enroh


      dude you spent way too much time on that but your point was made :doge:

    3. Oicraftian


      All in service of the true purples, is this blue.


      It is also something I plan to use elsewhere.

    4. Enroh


      And we appreciate the content. And effort.

  7. DirtyACE7

    UDES 16

    I've been watching some RU streamers. Pretty much all of them are using the AFE instead of food and are also running rammer, vents and optics, no vert stab. Apparently the stabilization is very good already without it.
  8. So WG NA decided to change the On-Track missions, for whatever reason. Now you need to acquire 25k xp within 24 hours in order to progress to various stages. FFS! Really? Why the fuck do this? What was wrong with how it was set up originally? Once again, fuck WG.

    1. NightmareMk9


      That has GOT to be a programming error.  I did see a bunch of people saying that the XP for missions was wiped when WG "Reset" the WZ on track a couple days go.

    2. DirtyACE7


      It gets reset after 24 hours. So if let's say you've ground only 12k of 25k, then it gets reset and next day you have to grind out the same 25k again.

      WG just seems incapable of doing something without a screw up.

  9. Instead of letting players ban maps, WG should really have let players just choose the maps they want to play. There are simply too many shitty maps made without any real clue what good map design is. Like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It's not really possible, or at least it will require a ton of force, but hell, WG will keep trying.
  10. This tank makes me want to claw the skin off of my own face. WHAT A FUCKING PILE OF TRASH! I'm still like 100k from the tier 10 and am completely failing to get more than 45% win rate. From unbelievably bad gun (yes, great alpha at the cost of everything else) to the unbelievably bad teams I keep getting in it. I can't even count how many games I've ended up top damage and spotting just to lose something like 4-15 because the rest of the team are knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing trash.
  11. That is definitely one of the causes of my frustration. A lot of times even if I personally have a good game but lose, I'm really unhappy because it feels like I put in all this effort and got nothing out of it because the other 14 neanderthals can't tell their asses from their elbows.
  12. You literally cannot hide from this thing now. Its firing arc is practically vertical.
  13. @Kolni how do you deal with continuous turbo loses? I’m currently going through this while grinding the tier 9 Chinese light. It’s really not happening on any other tank, just this one. Every time I sit down to play, I simply start getting crazy land-slide loses game after game. I can’t even break past 45% win rate (usually I win 60%+ of my games). It’s just so demoralizing playing this thing and trying your best but getting constantly crapped on by the teams. It’s like, I cannot be everywhere at once, I can only influence the one area where I’m at, one engagement. I can’t make the idiot heavies do more than one shot of damage or get that T95 to actually push instead of camping on the red line. How do you deal with this kind of stuff? Do you simply keep going and only focus on your own gameplay, regardless what the end result of the match is going to be?
  14. I watch Stanlock too (native Russian speaker) but he is usually pretty calm and just plays his own music, although at times he'll go a bit ape-shit about something. I'd also suggest giving Geksi a watch, another RU streamer. He is someone who is more recent on the streamer scene and many don't know him but he is essentially going head-to-head with Stanlock for highest WN8 on RU server. Just an extremely talented player although can be a bit whiny at times when things are getting to him. Overall, thank you so much for making this thread. Puts things into a bit more perspective for me and my own approach to playing. A fantastic read! Also, as far as my own play. I notice a stark contrast between days when I’m totally even keel and days when something is just off. On those "even keel" days it's like I’m on neutral as far as emotions go. Neither positive nor negative. Almost like indifference but not quite. I guess this is what being “in the zone” feels like for me. Things come most naturally and effortlessly when I’m in that state and so I react logically and instinctively. My only issue to be able to re-create this kind of feeling every time I sit down to play. It’s my biggest downfall as a player.
  15. I'd like to ask for tips for dealing with nerves and frustration with this game. Please don't suggest alcohol or drugs. I actually have a desire to play but my fuse is seems to not only be short but pretty much non-existent lately. Is there any specific things I should focus on during matches that help with staying calm and composed? I have been playing this game for four years and this is still my greatest struggle by far. I know that if I can stay calm, then I will play a shit ton better. When I'm frustrated/flustered I pretty much become a retard.

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    2. WhatTheSkara


      Went to tier 6/7/8, had some great games.

      It doesn't matter if your team is stupid as there are a couple of one man army tanks at those tiers that can literally carry a 1v15 without a sweat. Also can't wait for FL so I can farm some mad credits 

    3. DirtyACE7


      I don't know if meta is the same on the EU server but on NA right now we have like 4 light tanks per team every game. So it basically comes down to which team's lights are less brain-dead and that team will be guaranteed to win.

    4. j_galt


      A serious suggestion is to bench the T9 Chinese light for a while.  It seems to be affecting your  outlook.  It's not a lovable tank, so why bother.  Play fun tanks

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