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  1. WTF is up with Frontlines? How can one get 11 defense games and only 3 attack? Why is this happening?

    Also, which is better, air strike or artillery barrage?

    1. Balthazars


      The arty barrage at full does a lot more damage if it connects, but is smaller AoE than the air strike. I prefer the former to the latter purely because if you land it it's a definite lock-in-place track damage and decent HP damage (enough to kill soft targets) which can be very important for stopping people on cap. The Air Strike lacks killing power in my opinion, but is better at hitting multiple targets at once or those in awkward positions for the arty.

    2. DirtyACE7


      Thank you! That's kind of what I was thinking too but needed confirmation.

    3. sundanceHelix


      Arty barrage is way more consistent. Air Strike only useful if you're hitting multiple grouped-up targets at once.

  2. Obj 430, yet another cursed tank. How oh how do I win more than 40% of the games in it?

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    2. hazzgar


      2.7k dmg in wz1114 - 50% wr. I get you man

    3. FavreFan4ever


      430U isn't working for me somehow lol. Small sample size but a 29% WR in mine. I'm trash though.

    4. hazzgar


      T10 is trash now. I got so tilted I put my 277 dpg at 1900. From 2900. Seriously I feel like my brain is not working when I pull 2450 in a t8 Somua, 2150 in an o-ho,  hell even 2200 in a m103 but now I can't pull 2k in a 277

  3. Playing T28 Prototype (E4 on track). Dying of cancer at 28km/h and a 0.35 accuracy gun that might as well be 0.55 accuracy.

  4. What's the verdict on the Lansen C? I'm not finding any threads about it. I also got a 20% coupon and wondering whether this tank is worth getting.

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    2. Matross


      I bought it... idk dirty, idk. IDK if it's for you. I know how much you hate getting artied, and... well... I still have XVM camo so I didn't get targeted the 1 game I played mine, but I can't imagine you having a good time with it, especially if you get arty focused. It's literally made of paper.

      The good side.. OK gun, dispersion doesn't allow you to consistently snipe. I find myself usually firing twice to hit target when sniping. The speed is nice. The gun handling is ok, feels comfortable. It feels like it's designed to run around with other mediums and quickly eliminate tanks doing the whole peek-a-boo over a hill kind of play.

      People are saying the Sabaton is better, due to turret, but... the lansen does have the alpha over it. Like Deus said, it's a tier 8 leo, without the German accuracy.

      More than a tier 8 leo... I feel like it's a faster ravioli. 


    3. Kymrel


      I sort of like it. Feels sort of... balanced? Arty is a PITA, but that's nothing unique to this tank I'll be using it in Frontlines, the mobility, alpha and gun depression should make it comfortable to play there.

    4. DirtyACE7


      Thank you for all your opinions. Hmm... I think I might pass on it. I watched a few reviews as well and no one seems to really agree on this tank. Some say it's good and some say it's not, mainly due to bad gun handling, which I myself stay away from if can help it.

  5. I just unlocked this tank and am planning to grind it mainly in Frontlines. There it should be much more effective than in randoms.
  6. Do the females that were awarded via Christmas boxes expire at some point? Do I have to assign them to a tank before a certain date?

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    2. DirtyACE7


      For me they are all future commanders. Much too valuable to be anything else.

    3. erikred


      WG stated they have no expiration date this year. Since they introduced the new garage tab, all earned crewmembers stay in Barracks until recruited for specific tank. Wells had a claim expiration date for claiming via prime loot, she would have also stayed in barracks if credited to your account but not assigned to a tank.

    4. DirtyACE7


      @erikred Thanks for the clarification.

  7. I think you have a good point here and something I've been thinking about lately, especially making the matched last longer instead of having these turbo-fests where half the team is dead in first two minutes. Lowering alpha across all tanks would help a good deal in prolonging matches, in a good way, in my honest opinion.
  8. Exactly what I was thinking. Like they are trying to force us to form a positive perspective about the current state of the game in comparison to one in the long past. Well, to me it simply feels like one kind of shit simply got replaced by another shit thing. For example, arty mechanic. Instead of one-shotting tanks, now it stuns them to oblivion. So which turd looks better? It really doesn't matter, they are both turds.
  9. Stopped focusing on winning and simply getting as much damage as possible. Suddenly the game is more enjoyable and much less stressful. Still getting the wins though.

    1. Matross


      2 ideologies to win.

      Play for the win (support flanks, flex when other flank is failing, kill the 1 shots, etc. etc.) vs do as much damage as possible, to ensure your win.

      Maybe all along, you just needed the "f it, screw everyone else, i'm going to play my game" and damage farming = your way of ensuring you win? Maybe high dpm tanks with good mobility = your play style/

  10. This is one of the things that grinds my gears with this game. Getting punished for trying to improve and be a better player while a mouth-breathing monkey who is eating his own snot while camping on the red line in their heavy tank is apparently the target audience.
  11. Hmm... for me this is just tippy toeing around a dead horse. They simply need to remove the damn stun completely and reduce the number of arty per match to just one. Seriously, their game is losing players and they are still fucking around with one of the biggest reasons why players are leaving. Just fucking delusional morons these developers.
  12. Wheeled vehicles are a new type of cancer for WoT. Prove me wrong.

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    2. hazzgar


      @Fulvin I'd argue even just before 1.0 it was good. Flawed but good. 

    3. sohojacques


      While 1.0 made the game significantly shitter, the game was already well and truly fucked before that point. But when you’ve got a player base willing to pay AAA title money for 1 pixel tank, it’s hardly surprising that game balance stopped being a priority.

    4. snowdude21325


      @Jesse_the_Scout Yes a tumor can grow on a tumor, technically

  13. Has anyone gotten the special Twitch Prime bundle for WoT? I was thinking of doing it but I do not want to pay for Amazon Prime for a whole year. Is it possible to get the bundle without having to commit to paying for any subscriptions?

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    2. DirtyACE7


      I see. Thanks for the clarification.

    3. Assassin7


      You also might be able to give a free twitch prime sub to someone

    4. minivinny789
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