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  1. So I'm grinding the E5 line and only like 5k xp from unlocking the T32. However, I'm really tempted to just skip it and free xp to the M103 because I really do not want to be bottom tier in 90%+ of my matches. Is the T32 worth playing around with considering how tier 8s are treated right now?

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    2. nemlengyel


      TBH I think stuff like Defender, VK P and Chrysler have powercreeped the T32 a bit. With 105mm, you have only 248mm gold pen and horrendous 0.42 accuracy, and with 90mm, you are just tickling your opponents for 240 dmg, at which point you are better off with a Patriot or Pershing that actually has some decent mobility.

    3. DirtyACE7


      Yeah, there's just nothing about the T32 that makes me want to touch it right now. At least the M103 has a fantastic top gun and solid mobility.

    4. nabucodonsor


      Eeeeehhhhh the e75 is faster....

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