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  1. So I kept track of my last 30 losses and the average loss was 5-15. I'm honestly finding it hard to even motivate myself to try anymore in this game but I know if I play without caring then I will play terribly and only be another mouth-breather on every team I'm on :(

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    2. monjardin


      Yes, I understood. However, isn't WoT a battle of attrition if you discount the less common victory by base capping? In English, attrition means to reduce enemy numbers as opposed to literally starving them. So, killing all 15 tanks is a victory by attrition whereas capping is a victory by securing an objective.

      The square law only applies to the former. That's why capping is most valuable when you are behind in numbers. 

    3. monjardin


      Here's a really good explanation in a video game context:

      "Suppose the blue army is three times the size of the red army. This means that it is concentrating three times as much firepower on red as red is firing. Just as importantly, red's firepower is diluted over three times as many blue units. The combined effect of these two conditions is that blue is nine times as strong as red although it only has three times as many units. Similarly, the number of units remaining at the end of the battle is the square root of the difference between the squares of the numbers of units on each side. In other words, if blue has five units and red has three, the number of units left at the end will be four. (Five squared minus three squared is 16; its square root is four.)"


      So, if your shit team throws away 5 tanks to 0 in the first two minutes, as they are apt to do, then the square law would estimate that the other team would win 15-4 if everybody just pulled up line abreast and started shooting each other. 

      sqrt(15**2 - 10**2) ~ 11

      That doesn't take into account massive differences in  individual skill, but it's probably as good of an estimator as any that you will find. 

    4. DirtyACE7


      Wow! Who knew that something started off with a bunch of bitching and whining (on my part) would evolve into an in depth discussion about mathematical concepts relative to war. Kudos to all.

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