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  1. How does one win games in the Italian tier 7? It’s like this tank was made to make grinding as much of the pain as possible. The gun is simply atrocious. It aims forever and then misses, even point blank. Seriously, what is the deal with this thing?

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Make sure to use lots of reserves to make the grind as quick as possible. I couldn’t wait to finish mine. It’s fucking dire.

    3. HemanathanRX7


      Its a pretty annoying tank. I played it with full apcr and went brawling instead, the gun doesn't miss that much with food and at close range. It has pretty decent alpha for a t7 med, but not good dpm. Its not that bad but I would rather play the t20 or comet or this. I think without full apcr it would be unplayable because it usually doesn't hit where you aim reeee

    4. DirtyACE7


      Yes, the T20 is much nicer. I three-marked mine and the Italian feels like a knock off version of it and not a good knock off.