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  1. Is it worth waiting to see if reward tanks will become available to buy for bonds or should I just buy some equipment instead? If equipment, rammer or vert stab?

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    2. lavawing


      I think he's talking about the new bond reward tanks like the CheifT95 thing. Given how generous WG has been with bonds lately, I expect something like 15000 bonds to get one at least

    3. Assassin7


      idk about that lavawing

      @dirty the best is Vstab IMO, I put ivents on my batchat, and it only took half a second off the total clip time of it, for example. 

      Ivents also took my STB reload from 6.33 to 6.28.

      I suggest trying out the various directives before you buy and find what gives the best bonus, as most if not all the directives add the same bonus as improved equipment would add over the standard. 

    4. Ham_


      I dropped optics for improved vents, just personal taste

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