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  1. I've been bouncing this idea around in my head the last couple of weeks. Is the rammer really that important on all tanks? For example, lights. Their reloads for the most part are fast and a rammer takes off a very marginal amount of time off of that. For example going from 4.8 to 4.32 secs. Would I be really hampering myself with using vents instead? And in reality, just how often does one get to realize the actual DPM?

    Also, please excuse me if this is simply a dumb idea.

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    2. 8_Hussars


      I have dropped the rammer on needle guns that reload faster than they aim and on longer loading derp guns (T-49 as Planetary mentioned and ELC bis) that don't win DPM wars and need repositioning anyway. 

    3. Rexxie


      This is something that was argued about even back in my day (hence the article) and I honestly just can't support playing without a rammer if you aspire to be a better player, even if it's inefficient for your current play.

      Kolni's mention of "it depends on how good you are at keeping your dpm up" is really crux of the issue - if you aren't good at keeping your DPM up, Rammer seems less useful - what use is rammer really if you're just going to be waiting for another player to make a mistake so you can shoot again? I think this is really the underlying argument when players suggest it's unnecessary.

      The problem with this is it isn't how top players actually play the game. You're not hitting server records by playing the waiting game of reactionary play; there isn't enough time in a match for that to be feasible. If I wanted to keep 4k or whatever else I was jacking off to, I was going to have to put myself in positions where my damage was limited by how fast I could chamber the next round, not by how many times Xx_T34R64_xX would eat dirt in front of me.

    4. nabucodonsor



      @DirtyACE7 sorry for the late reply ben busy lately. My general rule of thumb is that if, without vstab, it has the same soft stats of a Obj140 with Vstab or better, then it does not need it. So practically only the t100lt and few others like the combat cars.

       But you could try going for a rammer as it has very good aim time and the turret dispersion is very little. It all depends on how much your exposure time is. If you feel you aim for too long and increases your exposure too much then you need it. 

      Another thing you could is because the reload is so low anyway, just dont aim you shots, like I do with the Cromwell. The problem is if you get spotted you risk trading 180 for a lot of your HP.

      @Rexxie the problem with the LT's dpm is that it is a lie: many shots either miss or bounce and the risk of getting hit for most of you HP is a big possibility. So your effective dpm is trash. Mistakes with LTs can be greatly punished because of how easy it is to hit them. 

      Imo it is more efficient supporting by tracking and spotting rather than trying to be a dmg dealer.

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