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  1. Foch 155 is the last offering on the BM. I'm glad I grabbed the Blackdog when it was available because not much else was all that interesting. I probably would have picked up the Death Star but not for 23M. That's simply ludicrous.

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    2. Kymrel


      Meh, I got the Panzer V/IV for giggles, the tier 3 shitter TD and because I had 50 million credits and nothing much to spend on I splurged on the Foch 155 for the memes (already had the deathstar). Might have not gotten the Foch and bought the IS-6 for memes if it had been sold for credits but I'm certainly not paying gold for that turd.

    3. sohojacques


      Slight regret on not getting the Blackdog. It and the Caravan AX (which I already have) were the only solid deals. Good and effectively free tier 8 premiums with no horror grind attached.

    4. tajj7


      Got the Pz V/IV, its dirty as all hell for a tier 5 limited MM tank and great fun to play a lower tank without terrible gun handling.

      Had most of everything else, or at least the same versions (Type, IS-6, T34), so nothing else really took my interest. 

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