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  1. Did the STA2 get buffed during the Japanese medium rework?

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Thanks guys! I'm asking because I'm thinking of grabbing it from Frontlines as a reward tank. I play FL very sporadically and honestly do not think I'll be able to reach any of the other reward tanks and have no interest in getting the WZ, but I have enough prestige to get the STA2.

    3. Diriz0n


      He describes the STA2 in detail. lt is faster, reverses better, and has a narrow block of armour. ls it worthwhile? Well it is alright, not as good as T-44 Hundred

      --It gained alot of gun mantle armour, not the turret just the gun case.

      --It gained 23km/hr reverse speed, up from twenty

      --it pretty much gained 2.5HP/Tonne more

      lnteresting to note the tech tree equivalent, STA1 got megabuffed in comparison. STA1 has great DPM now, whereas STA2 DPM remained mediocre.



    4. Matross


      It's a paper tank, it's ok.... it's comfortable at least, speed is just meh, gun and gun handling is ok, everything else is just meh. The WZ is probably not for you, since you like good accurate guns. I should probably play a few frontlines myself.

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