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  1. T29 hull down is usually my choice. I have more issues with the HT 15... Perfect position is Prokh. center without arty.
  2. Despite I have a PhD in physics I cannot help you on this topic. I work on high intensity lasers... Good luck on finding an indication how the proof might look like. I doubt that you will find it straight away, but why not. Just don't be disappointed if you will fail, that is a part of science, too... Gambatteokudasai!
  3. Still chilling on the balearic Islands...

  4. Jmolvar10, you are basically comparing tier 8 scouts (where most people are bad anyway) with a regular tier 10. Carrying games with scouts is much more difficult than with mediums etc.. They fill not the same rolls, hence they cannot be compared. Your 140 matches carry roughly an uncertainty of 11 games. If I apply a standard distribution about 50%, all games within 59 and 81 would be viable. Consequently there is no visible impact of your playstyle on the results at all. Sorry to destroy your illusions for the moment. Bring a better statistical base (i.e. more games), perhaps there will be s
  5. Let us presume they started building a Dysons sphere. It would only mean, that they started it 1500 years ago. If even this would not be enough to find a different, nonhostile planet, their civilization would be at a dead end (one of the barriers of civilization). To make it even more complicated, if they wanted to get in contact to other species they would have to find a way to communicate. And if we should contact with us, they have to come to us because we have no plausible mean to go there in the moment ... We will only figure out what is going on, if they finished the sphere or they w
  6. You can roughly see whether you are playing fine or not by taking a look on your current hitrate. If you are distracted or tired you will most likely hit less (except arty) and consequently have a less critical impact on the game. As long as your win rate is statistically ok (your uncertainty of winrate is roughly the square root of your games), you are doing OK. There are strong days and weak days as well, especially as we talk about top of the notch damage to get to high wn8s...
  7. I am still thinking about the E50M - the E50 is just good enough for me in the moment... I still need some training with it. And well, I have to get my avg damage to some acceptable level. Played it back in the days when transmission was in the back of the E50.
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