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  1. Based on this, I'm assuming that I was wrong about dispersion mechanics. Both turning the turret and moving the tank cause dispersion, but according to this, moving the tank AND turning the turret are additive in terms of dispersion? That's really useful info if that's the case. Originally I thought that the dispersion from moving overrode the dispersion from turret traverse.
  2. I'm not sure where you can get effectively hulldown on most maps with the IS-3 and still be able to bring your gun with terrible gun depression to bear on a target.
  3. When tankers speak of the IS-3, I often see them talk about it being the King of tier 8 heavies, Great armor, a great gun, just in general a strong tank. I have a problem with this. I got the IS-3, obviously coming from the IS which I liked quite a bit. Blasting people around corners, not expecting many bounces, the usual. Disclaimer, I don't have the BL-9 gun, but it's not the having the fight tier 10s in a heavy with 175mm of pen that's the issue. It's the armor. . . I don't see it work. Time after time I see shots from tier 7s and tier 8s just go right through my upper frontal plate, the
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