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  1. Someone applied. Got denied. Lots of salt from the denied guy and f15 turned into fuck all clans. Also, stats don't matter as long as it's me, but they totally matter for everyone else. Something like that. I might be drunk when typing this, so take it with a pinch of salt. <--- HHehehheheheh
  2. You know you love him! lol no, that's F15. And thanks for the good luck wishes
  3. If you want a stable ts to join for platooning and stuff, you can use ours. - Digitares.de, it's been without incident for 24 hours and counting
  4. XMR http://forum.digitares.de Hello all, we in XMR, are a bunch of mad rabbits and as some people know rabbits can get pretty dangerous if provoked. So what we are: A close knit community that wants to excel in performance but approach things casually at the same time. We are active in WOT/AW/Elite Dangerous/WOWS and other games. We have also spots available for those that don't want/can't play CW/SH on a hardcore basis, but who would like to be able to participate in campaigns. Similarly, players interested in ESL and other competitions are very welcome to our ranks. All in all our most i
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