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  1. I can't play WoT on a day without rage. When I get a totally n00b team and get destroyed with low dmg I just quit fast or punch the wall near me. And then people around me in WoT wondering about how can I have a s*itty (recent) winrate. That's how; MM always puts me into 3x% win chance battles. I know that XVM's win chance system is not accourate, but it gives an approximate data what will happen. Some people tells that if people has a good WN8 value but has s*itty winrate then he/she camping in the battles or something like that. I don't agree with this, If you get a totally n00b team, then you can't do so much thing. Example today I played with my T-54 agressively (as needed and as I always do) but I still have 44% WR with it (I had to play 80 matches with the stock gun, and I just had 1650 avg dmg with it, but I think I still needed to win more battles). BTW I think WG should develop an MM that views players skills, even if they don't want to. SO, If i rage I just punch the wall (LOL) or play with E-25 with full gold + chocolate.
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