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  1. I swapped from dropbox to Onedrive, but honestly i have to say that the main reason i did it is that i have office online free until 2020 and i was already using other stuff like office online calendar and such. Gotta admit it's better than Dropbox, you just get more bang for the bucks (same price, you get all the office apps online plus the cloud). Sometime at work we have to use google drive and i feel like it's the worst. On some devices it doesn't support folders. wtf.
  2. After a long play around gaining pretty much no fps, i have degraded by one level the foliage quality and now i get 55/60 fps costant. Dunno what happened there lol. Anyway well, we solved the problem and i managed to have a laugh hearing an i7 870 is not enough for today's games. Thanks.
  3. I already tried that and nothing changed. SD? I have a good computer still, not a gameboy :D
  4. Full screen and borderless windowed don't make any difference, also FoV.
  5. Yeah i know it's not that great anymore but still i expected it to handle WoT a little better. I will see if i will have more troubles with WoT, else i will stick with it for a little more, since i am not playing anything else. Still i am under the impression that something is dragging down my FPS in wot.
  6. Of course you can Problems can occour if you mix different rams. If you put in example a 2400mhz module of ram together with a 1600mhz one the mainboard will underclock the 2400mhz one to the value of the other. In that case it's the flip of a coin: the underlocked memory could work totally OK or not work at all.
  7. With those settings i jumped to 50 fps without really much change in fps. Success! :D
  8. Motion blur was alredy off.Dropped shadow to medium, extra effect quality to medium, 3d render resolution to 80%, water quality to high.
  9. I tuned down a bit the settings (even if i don't really feel like it's needed, but meh!), after dinner i will try and, for science, if i gain some fps i will post the settings.
  10. Hello folks. This is my spec: i7 870 (yeah it's old but it's still a 3ghz i7) 8gb DDR 1600 250gb samsung evo 850 asus r9 290x matrix platinum Windows 10 x64 Apparently i can't go past 40 fps. I hear people going over 60... sounds fun since i can run stuff like battlefield 4 or DA:Origins at 100 fps, but if i set everything on wot at the max i do average 30-35. Do you have any idea or opinion? :| Thanks in advance...
  11. Hello man. If the problem is related to the ram the only way to make yourself really sure about it is usng memtest86+. At least that's the only solution i'd suggest. THe test will run for a LONG time, so it's good to do when you go to bed. If when you wake up you see a BSOD, one of the ram modules is damaged. Do this until you realize which one is broken. That said, regarding the replacement, if you are on a budget just buy any ddr3 1600mhz, it will cost you around 20-30€. There is really no problem having different brands of ram, as long as they have at least the same frequen
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