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  1. Great article, very organized and informative. I recently rerolled just to play artillery (Stop_Camping_bro) and I am pwning newbs in the bishop which is such a broken arty. One time a ram 2 said in chat "arty miss" and insulted me further, I then proceeded to take 75% of his HP away and say "did I miss?" in chat, he must have been so salty.
  2. Here are a few features that would be great. 1. Ability to view top x number of clans/players based on recent stats and wr/WN8/battles etc. Currently it is only top 10 which is good but not ideal IMO. A WN rank based on recent battles so I can compare my current performance with other players would be cool. 2. Like noobmeter.com you should implement a feature that shows which tanks people have played in the past 1k battles/7days etc. It is an incredibly useful metric that can be used to spot stet pedders. 3. The mobile website displaying all of the information that the desktop version does would be nice. 4. Comments section under different players stats like noobmeter has. 5. The ability to directly compare players would be nice. 6. I would like an option to sort which damage position I am on the server in a particular tank if possible.
  3. So I was watching quickybaby play on lakeville and he said that from the south in a scout tank you should go to the second bush forward. But every time I go to the second bush I get spotted and die instantly, and im in an amx 13 90 with a camo crew. What annoys me is im seemingly doing the exact same thing as successful scouts do and driving right from the start of the match straight to that location and getting optimal cover behind the bush, but for some reason I am just not successful. Any insights?
  4. Hey I don't see you in the FOXEY room, and don't have any permissions.
  5. I am looking for a serious clan with active players. Stats: 2600WN8(1000 battles) 2800(30 day according to noobmeter) 1466 overall WN8 52.9% WR Tanks: Plenty of tier 6s and 8s. I have a T110E5, and I will soon(within the next month) have the is-4 and is-7. I am a very active player and I will be available most nights for clam wars and stongholds. I am 15 years old in case you have a higher minimum age requirement. I have gotten more serious about tanking my last few thousand games and I am constantly improving. I will learn from being with players that are my level/better than me. I left HOODZ because they aren't that competitive or active. I have lower overall stats(though still decent) because I started playing this game a few days after I turned 11 on a very low end machine with a very low end internet connection, neither of which are the case currently. Thanks for any responses!
  6. Thanks for all of the replies, I suppose I should just learn to get out of situations that aren't favorable more quickly.
  7. I just got my first tier 10 the t110e5 and I keep encountering good players playing tier 10 Russian mediums, I have no Idea how to deal with them as they just have OP turret armor, instant aim time, and spam gold everywhere. How would a unicum deal with a situation like this?
  8. Im Coolmanjack on the NA EAST or WEST server. I just want to platoon with a player that is more experienced than me to see what skills I can pick up on, I also have no tier 10s but can play my ST-I with a tier 10.
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