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  1. Add me or ill send in game invite looking for the same if your willing?
  2. Having trouble finding high tier platoons lately. My friends list is dead and clan mates dont always have time. Im mostly interested in playing and improving in my tier 10's but certainly am up for anything above tier 8? Im on most nights after 5PM message me here or in game doesnt matter. My in game name has recently been changed to Saturated_Fat.
  3. I play on the East usually around 6pm to 11pm. Send me invite through game if your interested i play tier 8 and above.
  4. I recently picked up a Razor Kraken head set and I love it. Though ill be honest im not a headphone expert but im pretty sure they are just in your budget.
  5. Im gonna be active from tonight on shouldn't take me long to get the required amount of battles. When im there i will submit an application through your website. I have an IS-7 OBJ-140 and very close to the T62A. Im mostly interested at becoming a better player in tier 8's and above along with team orientated play.
  6. Took a little break for awhile now im looking to get back into the game. I like to play tier 10, 9 and 8 on the east server. Best time to catch up with me is after 5pm eastern time. Looking for other players who like to do well and are laid back.
  7. I would apply but im coming back from a recent break in the game and dont have enough battles?
  8. I play on NA east most nights feel free to add or send invite
  9. Press the plus key twice it will enlarge your mini map, thats the secret or so im told.
  10. Hello everyone looking for people to platoon with and also always looking to learn and improve. My stats and number of games need to increase before i can join a worthwhile clan any help in the mean time is very much appreciated. Pretty much like to play tier 8 and above. I have IS-7, OBJ-140, (Very close to) T62A, T54, and 5 tier 8s of various classes premium and non.
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