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  1. It's not stupid in the slightest. The cost of delivery to any country in Asia is the same so the pricing should be the same. I understand a business will top out what the local region can afford to maximize profits but I can still call them out on it. The simple fact is WoT is expensive. I am lucky enough to be financially independent but I look at the prices in the prem shop and the pricing makes my arse pucker up. If I was still in uni or something it would bring water to my eyes.
  2. Is it me, or does anyone else agree that NameWasStolenStresslevel actually has mental health issues?
  3. MOOSE took out THEIF in advances last night. They were all uni's we are a mix of Green/Blue/1-2 purple. I suspect our new Korean friends are finding the game play a bit harder over here. Most of them need to drop 500 wn8 to reflect true capability.
  4. I am now convinced that rainbow may have achieved purple recents 'in game' but 'in forum' he is yellow or maybe even orange.
  5. Made the following YouTube vid of a game I did in the M53/M55. It's not serious (well from half way through it goes silly). Highlights how ridiculous arty can be. It contains Hollywood style cinematic's, rally driving, early 2000's techno (oh those years I spent in London.....) and even a nuclear missile launch. Made it for the lols, making YouTube content is sometimes more enjoyable than playing during 5X weekends. https://youtu.be/G2KJ85n_wb4
  6. Probably could have called that mod 'Agent Orange' You guys seen this post? http://www.listeningpost.eu/2016/10/world-of-tanks-russian-bans-for-illegal.html?m=1
  7. Wow, just noticed I am 1 WN8 off 2k overall. ... All that light tank playing for "missions" *cough cough padding*" has paid off.
  8. 5 from 5 in the T21. Can confirm T21 is awesome for your stats but the gold spam and credit loss will bring tears to your eyes. 3 ace tankers in a row lol!
  9. Best BOT ASIA. 1800+ games in the last 7 days 100k games overall lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll................ http://wotlabs.net/sea/player/markawa500
  10. When I worked in Sydney I use to go here as it was down the road from work. Always an enjoyable night. http://www.phillipsfoote.com.au/
  11. Best way to prove you are not running mods? Stream. Hope you were talking about streaming at one point do it. Takes little effort to stream to YouTube you should do it.
  12. I see he has deleted all his YouTube content. Must be feeling guilty lol. I downloaded all 16 GB of his WoT content and can either upload to my YouTube page or somewhere else if required. The standout one for me stewie is all the spotted enemy outlines are visible when behind objects or terrain for example. Think that is the X-Ray mod. All his clan wars replays had that.
  13. Check out this shitter and the rest of his YouTube clips. Aimbot, x-rays and probably other things. HERO clan, not sure where they are from. His channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNd6o7Y4OATd8isxpEiBvdA
  14. Anyone have the link madhouse is talking about in this thread? http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/68511-sorry/
  15. lol LeSigh I guess?. I think it was your super sexy RU 251 armor I wanted as I had gold HE loaded in my T49. If memory serves the arty got you in all the chaos!
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