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  1. Our Discord clan chat has moved. It's now located at https://discord.gg/0u6gnTiPeqABQrsz. Any applicants should go there first and send me a PM.
  2. Go check out the upcoming changes to Sacred Valley map. SE got a major overhaul. NW got opened up a bit.


  3. Sorry to bump such an old thread, but we have some important updates since last time and I keep forgetting to update this thread. The main update being we've switched to using Discord instead of Skype to handle most of our clan communications, especially voice coms. With that being said, those interested in joining feel free to pop into our new chats. It's highly recommended you use the actual app instead of the web browser version. Clan Applicants go here -> [Redacted, see newest reply for updated address] ALSO. We've setup a special chat on there for members of other pony clans to keep in touch and coordinate events/tourneys. Current pony clan members go here for collaborating on Tourneys and Skirmishes in the future. -> https://discord.gg/0lL4GsCmgIT0WoXE
  4. Just a few modifications and a repost to keep this topic towards the top of the topic list. Also thanks Cmdr_Hurricane (\ Also wouldn't mind RARTY members on our tourney teams if they're ever interested. Hello and welcome to the somewhat new Crystal Empire! I would like to take this time to tell you all about it, first off we are a Brony clan who likes to take a casual tone in competitive play. Currently we participate in most Tourneys and play Strongholds often and are looking for new members to build strength and expand. We like to promote teamwork, progress, and serious fun. Here's a few requirements for our clan. -Brony or at least enjoy the show. -Have a Skype account - We've switched to Discord! You can also use it to apply for the clan! https://discord.gg/0lL4GsCmgIT0WoXE - Be active. - Participation when you can. -At least a Tier 6 tank. -A good attitude. -Dedication If you do not meet some of the requirements, feel free to contact an officer. We do make exceptions. If you are interested in joining our growing clan, feel free to submit an application in this thread or in the clan recruitment center. In the clan application, tell us a bit about yourself and who you think is best pony.
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