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  1. Hey, this is a terrorist threat, I'm going to have to report this to the NSA, ASPCA, and NAACP
  2. It something I'll be lurking in TS from time to time, just ask for links if you want any :^) Yeah, it's really fun, thanks!
  3. I've had this issue Dia, it's the PSU. At least it was in my case. I replaced the PSU which was a AX860i with a AX1500i and haven't had an issue since.
  4. Hey guys, so I recently quit World of Tanks because it's trash. So, I've decided to go back to what I was doing for a long time, and that was own and administrate ArmA RP servers and DayZ servers. I was wondering if anyone in the WoT community would be interested in either moderating, administrating, spliting cost which implies coowning, or play on the server. It would be great if I could also get someone to help me code, I do already know how to code, it's just that it gets tedious and having an extra hello,g hand would tremenduously help! Thanks, looking foward to hearing from you guys.
  5. Wouldn't mind running 9's. I'm pretty bad so please no bulli.
  6. Press ~ then type; Player.additem 0000000f 4.2xE^20
  7. The amount of memes it has I used to have an 07 sti
  8. Hello new friend, the stats on the left aren't messed up, they are based on your last 1000 battle performances.
  9. Hello friend, and Üdvözlet. (I hope that's correct lel)
  10. I'll post pictures of my work in the future
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