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  1. What do you mean? They removed gun collision this patch so that players can no longer use them as light sabers to deflect rounds aimed for drivers hatches.
  2. Yeah guys, SIMM is really holding good players back. Can we knock off the fucking hyperbole already? Yea, the NA player base is stagnant. No, the NA server isn't dead or dying. Yes, SIMM makes the game more challenging. No, SIMM isn't going out of its way to fuck you over. The reality of the situation is that AW get's better every patch. 0.14 is bringing some very nice balance changes to the game with gun depression buffs and penetration/standardization changes for TD's and LT's. If you compared AW to WoT (it's current closest competitor on the market) it'
  3. People over value DPM and RoF in AW. They ignore vision and alpha way too much imo.
  4. It's good at stomping bads but I find it boring to play.
  5. I don't think anyone has a problem with skill based MM if it's implemented correctly. The problem with the MM in AW at the moment is that it punishes good players and rewards bad players. If we had some kind of ELO or league system where MM put 30 players of similar skill levels against each other I imagine that most skilled players would enjoy it. Tomatoes would also enjoy it because they wouldn't have to worry to much about being stomped by seal clubbers. Being shoved into a team full of tomatoes because I have a 61% win rate and have applied myself to the game is horse shit.
  6. Tier 10's hitting the PTS tomorrow. The end is nigh. Looks like they cancelled it.
  7. The game optimization seems MUCH better this patch. So far I'm running a steady 100fps on every map.
  8. https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/introducing-update-013?id=13.2000009&clientlang=en&clientterritory=usa&gcid=16167424446115474178&server=0&lang=en_GB&clientstate=installed&clientbuildid=65&_1lp=1&_1ld=100&_1lnh=1 Update 0.13 does bring several major features that include: Third Dealer Zhang Feng with 7 new Chinese MBTs New Coastal Threat PvP map PvE and PvP Reward System overhaul PvE Consumable Cost Changes PvE Artillery Changes Matchmaker 2.0 Apart from the new features, a large number of game corr
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