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  1. Been wanting this tank since 2014, finally participated in a campaign that offered it and will be getting it. It took me a few years and it's an old tank, but a new tank for me! I read through all the pages, few questions. 1) With lower fire % chance than the 140, do you really need a fire extinguisher? I can't remember the last time I caught fire in my RU med's really. 2) Gun rammer, vert stab, +optics or vents? (I plan on using food if no fires, also related to question below). 3) Does it really need 2 repair kits? Do you find yourself getting ammo racked as much? I'm thinking about running Gun rammer, Vert stab, Vents, with Large repair kit, Large med kit, and Food... Crew wise... probably on 5th skill, so I should have camo, repairs, and BiA done. I'm thinking about using it as an assault medium (most likely running with heavies and/or pack of other mediums) and ramping up the DPM as much as possible. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just been grinding x5 bonus's on daily wins due to premium time. Gonna have to grind credits due to finishing up CW, maybe play some front lines to grind some more bonds or credits for other rewards ^_^ I'll hit ya up if I see you online!
  3. @simba90 EYooooooo how you been?! Long time no see~
  4. Is there any rankings for clans in previous CW campaigns? Just checking~

  5. Who's coming to the party? Are we gathering up the old crew?
  6. oooo more things to shoot at, nice! lol @ the shovel dou.
  7. How much ammo in the Manticore??? Looks like a funky tank, almost thought it was an autoloader.
  8. Yeah, didn't see the total DPM, 2.3k for a Tier 9 is a bit low.
  9. Started the STRV-103B grind. Unlocked the Udes 03... need to get the top gun and engine.. td's are so gimmicky, very map dependent =T

    Makes me wonder if I should have went for the SU-101 up the OBJ 268v4 line first =T

  10. Better turret than E50? Hrmmm... it does sacrifice alpha, but the reload looks nice. Dispersion could be a bit wonky.
  11. Dang... for all the people grinding FL, this does look like a dank reward.
  12. Reach out to a recruiter in game, they're a good training clan, they should be doing stronks~
  13. Unlocked it, finished up my WZ-132 grind. I wish I had a higher win rate in it, but I got a streak of bad teams (the teams that has 2-4 players with 0 damage rofl stomps). The WZ-132 gun accuracy is pretty bad, but I still made it work, my WN8 on it over the past few days wasn't bad. Gonna try a few more games in in the WZ-132A. The first game I played in it, the gun is pretty much like the WZ-132... just now... it see's tier 10's more often. I wish I had a better turret than the tier 8. Now, I have all the Tier 9 tanks, muahahaha.
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