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  1. Finally ground out the x5 wins from the KJPZ105 and the 50TP Proto. Almost got my Tier 8 Italian tank fully upgraded. The gun on the KJPZ105 is godmode, the terrainresistance is also godmode, and the speed is really nice. Fun tank, too bad it doesn't have a turret. 50TP proto is trash.

  2. Back at it again. So rusty, how do you even play this game. To work up the Italian line (at Tier 6), build up xp for the new Swede med's (Leo), or just get back into it playing 10's. Gave up trying to farm xp w/ premium 8's.

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      I always knew you two were bad influences on me! I won't have consistent time until May, but you two playing tanks again might convince me to give it one more go for my French technical engineer badge.

    3. DirtyACE7


      @Matross to be honest, I have no idea who Fancyphil is. Did he go by a different ign before?

      I actually didn't play Frontline in its first iteration. Just didn't feel interested but decided to try this time around. It's pretty enjoyable and relaxed as the result doesn't really matter in the overall scheme of things. Just leveling up to get better prizes and grinding silver, which accumulates fast. And it is just tier 8s, which makes playing them fun again. You actually feel like you can do things instead of being xp pinatas for tiers 9 and 10, 90% of the time.

      @FavreFan4ever come join in whenever you have a chance!

    4. Enroh


      heh seems like a few of us regressed...i just got back into tanks as well after 6 months out and my aim is bad too...my consistency is poor atm and having to learn all the new maps and where all the fake bushes are (so many now) - i swear they broke spotting in 1.4 or w/e aids version we are on now

  3. Did you get the tank? I wish ya did old friend!
  4. Controlling the speed is going to be important, because anything under 10kmh = in siege mode... at least they got turrets, hope they're stronk turrets, made of Thor's hammer material. Please don't have sh*t pen like the heavies... bet they're going to have sh*t pen like the heavies.
  5. Skipped buying 277, was hyped, but ppls telling me frontal shots = ammo rack (kinda of like 113 gettin shot in sides = ammo rack. If not ammo rack, can catch on fire. Play 5A instead. Took extra xp and went down the DeathStarII line, it's on sale! ^^
  6. When is the next patch? I ground out the convert exp for this tank this weekend and got cancer doing it. Also, got some fancy digi camo I could put on it now...
  7. =T I was looking forward to near medium tank gun handling... So... 5A is still king?
  8. Started playing my T-10 to grind the xp for it... T-10... why you no gun depression.
  9. You are correct, M--M merged with 5LINE IIRC. M-I-T is still going strong last time I heard! ^__^
  10. My god... the teams tonight, some were ok, out of like 8 games I played, 3? were ok, 3 were 100% lemming trains, and 2 were salvageable, but I was in a E100. Every single map... wrong tanks... so aggravating this game sometimes. First time today, 5/5 shells either completely miss, or dirt. Just got the stream back up and running too.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      sorry for being a bitch to you :(

      Messaged me right after I got hit by 3 tier10 arty in my LT in the first minute of the game.

  11. I hate this tank with a passion... so much... ugh, congrats on 3 marking it. Considering just free xp'ing past this. Yeah the gun's nice, yeah, it has good camo, yeah it's small and has -10 degrees... idk, just not my play style.
  12. Is this one of thee longest standing clans NA? M--M still going!
  13. Finally, I'm starting to get it. Create opportunities = not only damage farm for yourself, but also some scavengers that are roaming the map, and at the right time and right place. It's a completely different mindset between being a teal sh*tter and a real unicum. I think i'm starting to get a taste.

    1. Fulcrous


      A lot of it is simply "opening up" the map by taking key targets/points after an initial setup.

    2. DirtyACE7


      There you go Mat. Never too late to learn and improve.

      We need to toon again soon.

    3. Matross


      @Fulcrous EXACTLY!!!! When I was grinding the 5A, playing the WZ, one of my unicum friends told me... just take it to the medium flank and run with the mediums... I thought it was dumb... but... after doing that so many games and farming other mediums... I figured... this is risky, and this is total yolo fail... but if you pick a tangent line to the mediums firing lanes... you create opportunities because the red tanks come to you! Me being the "heavy" player and knowing angles and used to being over run... If I manage to live through more than 4 volley's... its GG. Helping mediums with heaviums goes a LONG way. Also, come clean up time... at end game, you can totally just boss people around with 490 alpha. This game is basically like trigonometry for the first 3 mins of the match.

  14. KakaoTalk_20170730_005051284_zps2nez1kh9

    Don't buy the STRV S1. It has 0 gun arc. Playing mostly 10's, mixing some 9's these days. Will join unicum status soon.

    1. DirtyACE7


      I wasn't planning to buy it actually. Swedish TDs really don't appeal to me and should be nerfed to hell imho, especially the tier 9 and 10.

      So how have you been man? Haven't seen you around in a while. Have you been taking a break from the game?

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