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  1. Slipped and missed the T55 TD15 mission again. Had 5.6k damage in the ISU-152, starring down a full health T54E1, less than 100m away, fully aimed, waited a second, exhaled, and shot... straight to dirt, got spotted, 3 shotted, and died. 2nd time I botched this mission. I hate myself.

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    2. Sylvansight


      at least you didn't complete it, only to realise afterwards that you'd forgotten you'd changed missions while grinding some t7 thing and forgotten to return. 


    3. WhatTheSkara


      Got it easy in the old t10 263.

      I guess now strv is the way. Or bobject because it's balanced.

    4. Matross


      Seriously, I would have to hate to start the bobject grind, ffs, I have to start at SU-100. FML.

      I played a handful of games, in Tier 10 TD's yesterday trying to grind the mission, 13xx wn8, and 50/50 win to loss ratio... rip. 

      I noticed the games I play in big alpha TD's, it's littered with other TD's (JPZE100's, and FV215b 183's). Got close with a JPZE100 game, with 5.8k damage, but not 4 kills so... idk. The first time I almost completed it, I was in a good game with my T30, with 5 kills, 5.8k damage, with a 400 HP progetto 65 left 1v1. I donked the last shot, which should have killed him. The shell went into a building (I'm blaming server lag), while dancing around a building, him circling me, with me trying to turn fast enough. My heart was racing so fast. It still haunts me to this day.

      I hate playing with sh*t crew in my TD's. The only TD's I have more than 3 crew skills with is my JPZE100 and Grille, but I can't get my Grille to work to save the life of me. As soon as I fire in my Grille, I get spotted, then focused/swarmed *sigh. Every time I play my JPZE100, it seems arties have a spergasm and just want to nuke the JPZ. Arty shots for 300-400 damage hurts, even if you don't get directly hit, and you have to repair crew (since aim goes to sh*t), and tracked/something broken, and you're starring down your target.

      I just want 1 more female Swedish Crew, so I can have 6. 3 for my Kran, and 3 for the new UDES medium... *sigh.


      @FavreFan4ever Man... I can't imagine having to try it with a Foch. I have to channel my inner peace and not play so aggressively I feel in 750 alpha TD's, and get swarmed + arty focused.

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