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  1. So I started the VK100.01P grind fully upgraded. On premium account, I got the 5x x3 XP per daily win, and added the +x2 XP additional experience. Already at about 60k exp in. This grind is going pretty fast, I should have the Mauschen unlocked & fully upgraded by the end of the weekend.

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Even gold can have issues with penning it. It honestly feels like a tier 9 tank that's one tier lower.

    3. Matross


      18 battles, 55.56% win rate, 2,038 average damage... 2,613 wn8 so far. I should be finishing up this grind tomorrow... the x5 xp + the x2 additional XP from premium time, with boosters, plus the additional 50% xp booster this weekend... I'm flying through the VK100.01P.  I think I might keep the tank for a while, just in case I need it for missions or something later.

      Oh, and FK arty.

    4. Kymrel


      You need to hit the cupola dead on, usually with gold unless you have 250ish+ pen on standard rounds. Even a perfect hit still has to go through 220mm of armor. It can bully as top tier but in tier 10 games, and games that are over in 3 minutes, it sucks pretty hard.

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