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  1. So... in the EBR 105 line, which wheely boi's are the stinkers? I read the T6 is pretty bad. Use convert XP to start at the EBR Hotch (Tier 7)? Lynx (Tier 8)? Straight to the EBR 90 (Tier 9?)


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    2. DirtyACE7


      The WZ-132 is fantastic, however, the tier 9 is a pile of vile trash mainly because the developers in all their wisdom decided the tank should have gun handling that of a tier 6 Soviet heavy. It's pretty absurd. I could not break past 47% win rate on that shit bucket.

    3. Matross


      I'll try playing the WZ-132-A, and see how it performs, compared to my other Tier 9 lights. I remember the RU251 being zippy, but slow shell velocity, and it being really big. The 1390 is nice, T54-LWT was great, T49... well, it's T49. 

    4. DirtyACE7


      1390, T-54ltwt and T49 are in on a different level to the WZ. Those tanks actually belong in tier 9 and the WZ belongs in tier 7.

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