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  1. Thanks to the x5 XP weekend, I didn't even have to touch the Tier 6-9 wheely boi's. Just straight up free XP'd to the EBR 105. Bought the FL T8, and took a 3 skill crew from my AMX 30. These wheely boi's are fun to drive. Hilarious when you get hit for 0 damage and your wheel is the only thing that's damaged. Pretty much makes other single shot light tanks obsolete imho. 

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    2. Matross


      I concur, not good for the game, but it is fun to drive. It should make camping harder, but I think it makes people camp even more. 

    3. westybig


      how much gold do you need to free exp to tier 10?


    4. Matross


      @westybig I cannot recall 100% accuracy, but I think I needed like... 9k gold was it? I had about 100k? 120k? saved up already. I had tons of gold left from the loot boxes during Christmas, so I have been using that gold to use for convert XP to skip sh*tty tanks in the lines I wanted to go after. I can say... I don't regret my decision, at all. The EBR 105 is completely retarded in WoT, but it sure is hella fun to play. If you don't have the xp/gold, I suggest stopping at the 9 and playing that till you get to the 10, because... playing the 10 and dying quickly = nukes your wn8.

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