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  1. Is E50M especially bad for the meta or something, or am I just playing it wrong? I can't figure out... Push with heavies, get penned by all the enemy heavies/sniped by back lineTD's. Run with the mediums, get spotted first, eat shots/snipped by TD's. 

    Does it just not compete with the meta these days? The reload seems a bit low, gun can be random at times,.Seems like I always die before 1/2 the battle is over. Does this tank need camo? Running Rammer, VSTAB & Vents + food.

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Dunno last time i played it was on common test like a year ago. I liked it but the meta has changed a lot soooo

    3. Diriz0n


      Not sure what you mean....

      Not even E75 hull is proof against 33O HEAT, from meds.  Nevermind 34O

      The hull was changed a few times. But it has never been an E75



    4. j_galt


      Thank you all for giving me the strength to say "fuck them" and finally sell the E50 and E50M that have been cluttering up my garage.  Boring, crewless, and unplayed for at least a year.  The Leopard 1 and PTA are vastly more fun.

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