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  1. So, I have been trying to play a bit more seriously and focusing on primarily Tier X's, with the occasional "fun" tanks when I get frustrated (wheely bois/big gun TD's) or arty when I get sad. I have play 100% solo for the last month or so. My stats have started to go down and I wanted someone to look over the tanks I have played over the last 7 days (link here: https://wotlabs.net/na/player/Matross) and help me come up with 2, 3 or 4 tanks to focus on. Disclaimer: I did chase a "win" on the E50M for a handful of games, so that might have affected the wn8 by 200 or 300 points or so this week. QUESTION: I'm thinking it's time to get back into the groove and focus on playing tanks that are more or less "alike", and wanted to some advice on what tanks to play. Specifically, I wanted to ask a unicum/super unicum what tanks to play in the current meta and get my stats back up, possibly by analyzing the last 100 battles I played (7 days, link above). About me: I used to be a dark blue/light purple player (on good weeks). I'm most comfortable driving super heavies like the E100, Type 5 - pre nerf (don't play it anymore) and recently, the Maus. I just got the Maus and learning to play it (ie. when to push, not to push, who can easily pen, who can't, how to side scrape and hide turret, etc. etc.) I'm also comfortable playing fast(er) heavies like the 5A, 277, IS-7. I can and also like playing tanks w/ clips. Heavy tanks w/ clips are easier to play for me, than mediums, since they kind of play just like super heavies. I can do well time to time in mediums and paper mediums, but not consistently. I can play lights, but it's not that interesting to me. TD's are boring for me. Tanks like the STB-1, UDES 15/16, M48 Patton, AMX30, Leo 1 are fun, especially the STB-1 with the insane DPM, is really fun. I do read the line up before battle starts and guesstimate/anticipate who will be where. Tank crews are usually 4+, minimum 3 skills (BIA, skill/perk, repairs for heavies or mediums w/ armor or camo for paper mediums), with the proper equipment (brawlers get vents or food, snipers get optics w/ food usually). I do notice, when I play light tanks first, and then play some mediums, I usually have better sessions. I think my mind tells me to "play more carefully" since I'm used to playing in delicate tanks w/ low HP. I think it's when I play super heavies/heavies and then play some mediums, is when things go bad, and the back and forth between "fun tanks" or TD's, and back to mediums or fast heavies, is when the stats drop because i'm adopting/mixing play styles of different types of tanks and get too aggressive or too passive. I have to admit, I am chasing the T-55A HT-15 (with honors) and working on the light missions/arty missions, but I can stop focusing on that if needed. I can also drop down to Tier 8 or 9 if needed. I prefer Tier 9 over 8. Anyone care to help? I primarily play solo, but can platoon up on the weekdays usually from 9PM+ and on the weekends (just need to schedule).
  2. Is E50M especially bad for the meta or something, or am I just playing it wrong? I can't figure out... Push with heavies, get penned by all the enemy heavies/sniped by back lineTD's. Run with the mediums, get spotted first, eat shots/snipped by TD's. 

    Does it just not compete with the meta these days? The reload seems a bit low, gun can be random at times,.Seems like I always die before 1/2 the battle is over. Does this tank need camo? Running Rammer, VSTAB & Vents + food.

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      3 hours ago, Dirizon said:

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      Explain. :doge:

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      Trap set, trap sprung :epicsaxguy:

  3. The x5 daily XP helps out a lot on premium account. I finished the Maus, EBR 105 and STRV 103B. Which tank should I go down next? I figure the OBJ 268 v4 is the answer, but just wanted to throw up the E3 just in case, since it does get used in CW fairly often. Which should I grind next? E3 or v5? 1. T110E3 - Start at T28 (use free XP to start at tier VIII) - The T95 Doom turtle might be fun, E3 is used time to time for CW. - Not having a turret frustrates me, but... it actually gets armor... so... it kind of balances it out? - Seems like a situational tank, and something I might not have the most fun playing. The T-95 looks fun, just can't over commit. - Should I save free XP and start at the Doom Turtle? 2. OBJ. 268 v4 - Start at SU-101 (use free XP to start at tier VIII) - Still strong, after nerfs. Used in CW's. - Sucks to start at Tier 8, since I hate tanks without at turret. Is the camo still good on this line? SU-101 over the ISU-152? - End of the line, plays completely different from the Tier 8, Tier 9 seems ok, but can be penned, and pretty much wrecked by arty. - I'm left wondering what mm gun can reliable go through it's lower glacius and front? I'm pretty sure Tier 10 TD gold shells can go through. I figure if I can remember who can pen me frontally and who can't, I can just charge the front line with this tank in pubs.3. OBJ. 705A - Start at IS-M (use free XP to start at tier VIII) - The Tier 10 looks like a nice tank, looks cool, I see people do well in it. Still not a CW tank. - How is the gun? Less trolly than the IS-7 gun? Would you say this is better or worse to the IS-7? Same play style? - IS-M plays like Chrysler K, with less armor? Seems like it lacks armor, making it harder to play. Against tier 9's and 10's, doesn't gold just go through the front?4. AMX M4 54 - Start at AMX 65t (use free XP to start at tier VIII) - Gonna skip, I can't find a real reason to go down this line. Maybe save the free xp and go down the CGC line?
  4. Thanks to the x5 XP weekend, I didn't even have to touch the Tier 6-9 wheely boi's. Just straight up free XP'd to the EBR 105. Bought the FL T8, and took a 3 skill crew from my AMX 30. These wheely boi's are fun to drive. Hilarious when you get hit for 0 damage and your wheel is the only thing that's damaged. Pretty much makes other single shot light tanks obsolete imho. 

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    2. Matross


      I concur, not good for the game, but it is fun to drive. It should make camping harder, but I think it makes people camp even more. 

    3. westybig


      how much gold do you need to free exp to tier 10?


    4. Matross


      @westybig I cannot recall 100% accuracy, but I think I needed like... 9k gold was it? I had about 100k? 120k? saved up already. I had tons of gold left from the loot boxes during Christmas, so I have been using that gold to use for convert XP to skip sh*tty tanks in the lines I wanted to go after. I can say... I don't regret my decision, at all. The EBR 105 is completely retarded in WoT, but it sure is hella fun to play. If you don't have the xp/gold, I suggest stopping at the 9 and playing that till you get to the 10, because... playing the 10 and dying quickly = nukes your wn8.

  5. I think if you're dumb enough to sit in front of it and let it wail on you, you'll get shredded in a few. If you are smart enough to drive around it (like the Tier 9 Tortoise), then... it's just a T8 XP pinata. I played through the AT15 and played a lot of AT15-A when I first started this game. The flat spot on the shoulder = weakness. Yeah the T8 doesn't have copulas, that's probably it's redeeming quality. Personally, I think the TS5 would be the better hulldown TD.
  6. Welcome back RNG! Just my $0.02. - Good lord I am bad! I used to comfortably sit around 3k+ and thought that most people should be able to. I thought I would be able to pick up where I left off after a few rusty games but that is definitely not the case. ===> Takes some time getting used to. Teams are a lot more passive and campy these days. - The meta is simultaneously much more passive and much more aggressive. By this I mean it feels like as a single player there are much fewer chances to make successful aggressive plays to change the outcome of the game or push the pace of a match. However on a whole team scale the matches feel like they are much faster in general. The average game feels about 4-5min in length with few exceptions. It feels like there is very little back and forth where a good play can change the game and more lopsided rolls each way. I'm not sure if this is a symptom of the new maps or just me being bad but the game flow definitely feels very different. ===> Bad maps & steam rolling platoons (a good 3 man platoon can totally dominate a flank, which causes domino effect, and the 3-4 min games). With the new player base (or evolution of bad players) where they camp and wait for prey, the passive play gets punished by the bigger flank of attackers or coordinated attack of a platoon. The maps are a more corridor-like and allows TD's to camp better and hull down tanks to defend easier. It rewards camping game play imho. Unless you have the overwhelming force and/or coordinating in a platoon the long matches are pretty much campy stalemates where you have to carefully move around the map and look for cross shots. -There are a lot of new and reworked maps. The general theme seems to be that there are a couple areas made viable for each type of tank that you are mostly shoe horned into playing with very little room to take different/aggressive positions. Do you guys find this to be the case or am I just out of touch when it comes to map knowledge? ===> Pretty much, it got easier for TD's to camp safely and tanks to go hull down. The only aggressive plays I have seen are pretty much from mass pushes from one flank. The new wheely-bois are the ones that really "scout" actively at least, since they have the speed to try and spot a camping nest of TD's and hulldown tanks, and make it out alive doing "passes" if you would. Regular light tanks become more important end game than ever, trying to find the last few tanks that are hiding in their camping nests. -Arty is still here, it no longer one shots you most of the time which is nice I guess. I realize the rework is ancient history to most people now but what was/is peoples overall opinion on it? From my games coming back it feels like we didn't really go anywhere just maybe rearrange the furniture a bit. Still has the overall same effect of punishing anyone who dares get spotted but maybe even more effectively now with the bigger splash. ===> Arty is still dangerous. It helps defenders defend easier against pushes, and also, does damage to campers. IMHO they have become more effective than before since they shoot more often. Yeah, they can't one shot as easily, but still do a good 300-500 damage per shot, plush with the stun mechanic, if you're sitting outside in a field, you're probably going to have a bad time with the camping "meta". -The player base feels super tiny. When I left the top end was already a fairly small group who mostly knew of each other but there was still a multiple viable clans and a good chunk of mid level clans that sometimes punched above their weight. Now it seems like there is only a hand full of the mid level clans and even fewer high level clans. Has the player base really shrunk this much or do I just miss-remember? ===> There are new "good players" and fewer of the "best" (guess they retired). Since the "best" players left, the newer "good players" are the "best" players? Not sure. For me, I used to be dark blue, sometimes purple, but now, my aggressive play style is punished and now I have to work harder to be dark blue. Fck these missions forreal, if I didn't grind missions for T-55A, I could probably be dark blue/light purple again. -Kinda linking on to the last point but it feels like most of the people I used to play with are gone or log on once in a blue moon. Is the player base really this dead or is it just a new group playing now? ===> I think it's new players, and more kid's playing. I noticed WG is going full ham with experience boosters, so people don't have to "grind" as much for their higher level tanks. Things go on sale left and right, and overall I feel like WG is doing everything they can to make this game more accessible to people, giving them incentives to stick around and play more. Even monthly missions or events usually reward playing multiple tiers (5-6, 6-7, 8-9 or 8-10). The good things that changed? IMHO: - The matchmaker - Arty nerf (yeah, it sucks they shoot more often + having stun mechanic, but at least no more getting 1 shotted?) - New tanks to play with - New game modes (depends on if you play them or not) - x5 XP bonus's and option to weed out maps out of rotation if you have WoT Premium account The bad IMHO: - They're going to nerf gold shells, and reward regular shell use - They nerfed my beloved Type 5 - Arty shoots more often, introduction of wheelybois (depends if you love playing them or hate countering them) - Camp fest rewarding corridor style maps / players that like to camp - I feel the player base has overall less situational awareness than before
  7. "On August 15, 1979, one of the greatest war movies ever made was released; 40 years later it's still a masterpiece. To celebrate this cinema hallmark, we have a +50% XP Weekend and missions where you can earn a special style!"

    What special style is this? Anyone have leaks of the camo style?

    1. orzel286


      Looks like "Apocalypse now", so jungle camo.

  8. Holy moley, this tank is like... - 25% of the armor of the 430u (I want to give it less, but the sides can get freak bounces) - Pretty much the turret of a 140 (hello over matching top) - Gun handling of T62A (when stationary) As soon as people start throwing HEAT/high pen APCR... what armor? The -5 gun depression is noticeable, just like the T62A, but at least the T62A gets a better turret and great gun handling, even on the move. I'm wrecking the sh*tty stats that I have by playing the 907 -.-"
  9. Yeah man, the 907 eluded me back in that campaign, but was able to get it this campaign. I picked the 907 because the British heavy game play get's kind of boring imho. RU & Chinese heavy play is more fun for me. Yeah, the Chieftain is OP and what not, but meh. I figured I could get the 907 and participate with mediums for next CW's and I can always count on 277/5A/Super Conq to be picked for heavies when needed. I celebrated with my fiancee (she was a good sport and didn't get all grumpy about not spending time with her) with a nice steak dinner. She got a new job, so celebrating that, 907 in the garage, celebrated that, and end of CW! ^_^
  10. I think I need to platoon up with some people and play slower. After nothing but CW battles, I'm playing pubs as if it was a CW battle. I find myself depending on my team when I deploy and realize I over committed way too early and donk out after only firing a few shots.

  11. Been wanting this tank since 2014, finally participated in a campaign that offered it and will be getting it. It took me a few years and it's an old tank, but a new tank for me! I read through all the pages, few questions. 1) With lower fire % chance than the 140, do you really need a fire extinguisher? I can't remember the last time I caught fire in my RU med's really. 2) Gun rammer, vert stab, +optics or vents? (I plan on using food if no fires, also related to question below). 3) Does it really need 2 repair kits? Do you find yourself getting ammo racked as much? I'm thinking about running Gun rammer, Vert stab, Vents, with Large repair kit, Large med kit, and Food... Crew wise... probably on 5th skill, so I should have camo, repairs, and BiA done. I'm thinking about using it as an assault medium (most likely running with heavies and/or pack of other mediums) and ramping up the DPM as much as possible. Thanks in advance!
  12. Just been grinding x5 bonus's on daily wins due to premium time. Gonna have to grind credits due to finishing up CW, maybe play some front lines to grind some more bonds or credits for other rewards ^_^ I'll hit ya up if I see you online!
  13. @simba90 EYooooooo how you been?! Long time no see~
  14. Is there any rankings for clans in previous CW campaigns? Just checking~

  15. Who's coming to the party? Are we gathering up the old crew?
  16. How much ammo in the Manticore??? Looks like a funky tank, almost thought it was an autoloader.
  17. Yeah, didn't see the total DPM, 2.3k for a Tier 9 is a bit low.
  18. Started the STRV-103B grind. Unlocked the Udes 03... need to get the top gun and engine.. td's are so gimmicky, very map dependent =T

    Makes me wonder if I should have went for the SU-101 up the OBJ 268v4 line first =T

  19. Better turret than E50? Hrmmm... it does sacrifice alpha, but the reload looks nice. Dispersion could be a bit wonky.
  20. Dang... for all the people grinding FL, this does look like a dank reward.
  21. Reach out to a recruiter in game, they're a good training clan, they should be doing stronks~
  22. Unlocked it, finished up my WZ-132 grind. I wish I had a higher win rate in it, but I got a streak of bad teams (the teams that has 2-4 players with 0 damage rofl stomps). The WZ-132 gun accuracy is pretty bad, but I still made it work, my WN8 on it over the past few days wasn't bad. Gonna try a few more games in in the WZ-132A. The first game I played in it, the gun is pretty much like the WZ-132... just now... it see's tier 10's more often. I wish I had a better turret than the tier 8. Now, I have all the Tier 9 tanks, muahahaha.
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