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  1. Buffed Super Pershing bought back on sale today. Had discount coupon to. So WG, please take my money!!  Cant go wrong :doubleguns2:

    1. hall0


      You just bought a Super Pershing... 

  2. I kind of like this big beast. Engine is important. It way to slow without it. I dont have upgraded gun or tracks yet, but its so far a funny wagon. Guess 550 alpha feels great. Can bounce a lot If you hide your lower front plate . And love to ram soft tanks like Skorpions and su 130pms hehe
  3. I consider pick 257 up. Dont have any russian tier 9 heavy anymore but have a decent crew ready. Sold T-10 a long time ago. Looking for a new experience.. so I will buy 705 or 257... Good statpadder/ pubstomper?
  4. Wheel vehicle sniping Just had this moment!


    HE shells look interesting om LT-432 , 300 damage and 44 pen. I saw someone streaming and had good results with HE on lights and soft targets.. Anyone tried excessive use of HE on this?
  6. Oh yes. SU-100M1 is a hidden gem. Bought this now on discount form christmas. Bully hard when top tier and avoid getting flanked.
  7. Bored, and picked this TD up now. First impressions: Changes/ buffs in 2018 works out great I think. Armour is very good. Can bully quite hard when top tier. Mobility is ok too. And bounce tier 9 heavy shells... lol


    This light is so fun to play. You are a fast bully when top tier
  9. Consider buying this. What can AMX 30 do better than M46 Patton and HEAT-54? Better speed... more?
  10. Consider grinding to AMX 30 proto and placed female crew in 12t, and give it a try. I like my this tank. Especially when MM is kind. Feels really good to drive it. Nimble and quick, and fast aiming gun. 1,8 sec with BIA and food.
  11. I have played wowp a bit lately. Going up british fighter line. Tier 6 , Spitfire V now. I think its a fun game. More people should give it a try.
  12. New game mode: Conquest is a completely new gamemode. In order to win your team must attack fortifications and protected core areas in order to obtain a tactical advantage over the enemy. Control of each of these territories give the team a certain amount of influence points per unit of time. Winner will be the team which gets the required amount of points. New Class: Bombers Fast aircraft designed to attack ground targets from a great height. They carry a large bomb load and have powerful defensive turrets. They are a new class with some unique gameplay. They can move quickly move to different areas on the map where they can attack ground targets from a great height where they are relatively safe with the new high altitude bombing mode (left shift key). New graphics: Completely redesigned the game camera. Firstly it now is more effective and clearly conveys the state of the aircraft in combat and secondly it allows the pilot to comfortably focus in the situation in front of the player. During the execution of turns the aircraft is now free to move around the screen. This helps to better focus on the approach to the target and keep the enemy in the sights. In addition to the cameras a lot of visual effects were added or overhauled. Special effects depending on how fast you are. Significantly changed the visual effects of fire and hits on the aircraft. A critical hit on tan opponent or destroying it became much more noticeable. It will show you whenever you hit the enemy which helps with aiming. Added on screen effects to events such as receipt of damage, critical damag and low hit points. Now it’s much easier to determine the status of your aircraft in the heat of battle. https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/03/04/world-of-warplanes-2-0-more-information/#more-32060
  13. Need a plane game for variation. I uninstalled WT for one/two years ago. I will check out WoWP first. Premium account is shared, so thats good at least. Ready to kill bots!
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