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  1. Buffed Super Pershing bought back on sale today. Had discount coupon to. So WG, please take my money!!  Cant go wrong :doubleguns2:

    1. hall0


      You just bought a Super Pershing... 

  2. I kind of like this big beast. Engine is important. It way to slow without it. I dont have upgraded gun or tracks yet, but its so far a funny wagon. Guess 550 alpha feels great. Can bounce a lot If you hide your lower front plate . And love to ram soft tanks like Skorpions and su 130pms hehe
  3. I consider pick 257 up. Dont have any russian tier 9 heavy anymore but have a decent crew ready. Sold T-10 a long time ago. Looking for a new experience.. so I will buy 705 or 257... Good statpadder/ pubstomper?
  4. Wheel vehicle sniping Just had this moment!


    HE shells look interesting om LT-432 , 300 damage and 44 pen. I saw someone streaming and had good results with HE on lights and soft targets.. Anyone tried excessive use of HE on this?
  6. Oh yes. SU-100M1 is a hidden gem. Bought this now on discount form christmas. Bully hard when top tier and avoid getting flanked.
  7. Bored, and picked this TD up now. First impressions: Changes/ buffs in 2018 works out great I think. Armour is very good. Can bully quite hard when top tier. Mobility is ok too. And bounce tier 9 heavy shells... lol


    This light is so fun to play. You are a fast bully when top tier
  9. Consider buying this. What can AMX 30 do better than M46 Patton and HEAT-54? Better speed... more?
  10. Consider grinding to AMX 30 proto and placed female crew in 12t, and give it a try. I like my this tank. Especially when MM is kind. Feels really good to drive it. Nimble and quick, and fast aiming gun. 1,8 sec with BIA and food.
  11. I have played wowp a bit lately. Going up british fighter line. Tier 6 , Spitfire V now. I think its a fun game. More people should give it a try.
  12. New game mode: Conquest is a completely new gamemode. In order to win your team must attack fortifications and protected core areas in order to obtain a tactical advantage over the enemy. Control of each of these territories give the team a certain amount of influence points per unit of time. Winner will be the team which gets the required amount of points. New Class: Bombers Fast aircraft designed to attack ground targets from a great height. They carry a large bomb load and have powerful defensive turrets. They are a new class with some unique gameplay. They can mov
  13. Need a plane game for variation. I uninstalled WT for one/two years ago. I will check out WoWP first. Premium account is shared, so thats good at least. Ready to kill bots!
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