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  1. Prob going to pickup the VK this time around myself.
  2. http://wotreplays.com/site/3051233#details TD15.4 w/ honors. On a map and game and I didn't even think I could get it. TBH It wasn't until I nuked their arty towards the end that I even thought about it.
  3. Welp. I've basically given up on TD15.4. 5k Damage? Easy. 6k Damage? More than doable. 7k Damage? Not simple, but I can do it if I work at it. 8k damage? Fuck you, you'll get that once in 35k+ games. Everyone I've talked to that's had this mission done basically said it's luck based. Fuck that.
  4. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNG. MUCH WANT. I really dig the model on this tank. That and the straight up Mk6 need to get in the game ASAP 2nd personal mission campaign?
  5. Yeah, I've had a ton of "victories" in my Type 4 that I've hit cruise control forward, never taken it off, never fired a shot, never took a hit, never even saw the enemy. It's not bad once you actually get to the battle, but holy fuck it's slow. I think the T8 on that line is one of the most fun tanks at that tier. Just throwing HE around non-stop with the 150mm is great for shits and giggles. Big derpy tanks are fun when they can actually get to the battle.
  6. Thats a BS change I want a badge showing I did it when it was the two fire version
  7. Got close to TD15.4 recently in my Waffle 100. I was ~600 dmg away, had the kills. Ended up not being enough HP on the enemy team. This is the LAST mission I need with honors (fuck the LT missions) and I'll finally have the Obj 260.
  8. I'd say for stuff like this pure DPM actually isn't necessarily your friend. You want to light them on fire, not actually kill them Also, rarely do you get to use the full DPM of a tank
  9. The problem with the maus for HT15 in my experience is that people don't really let you angle the tank to use the armor to bounce damage. After a shot or two they switch to HE or go somewhere else :/ I actually feel like the IS series is better, since both the -4 and -7 have troll armor, good guns, and the mobility to actually get into the fight. I've gotten close in the Jag100 for TD15, but I haven't managed to get it yet. Waffle 100 has also gotten me close...
  10. The order of importance for me for driver specific training (not necessarily order ground in, skills swapped to perks, etc): 1) Preventative Maintenance. On it's own, it's a 25% reduction in chance of engine fires. With Auto-extinguishers, that's a 35% reduction. Yes Please! (seriously. If someone's behind you or even to your side, they're probably aiming for the engine area if they know what they're doing) 2) Controlled impact. I don't like losing tracks, and I like when other people get tracked. 3) Off road driving. (10% improvement on soft, 5%? on medium) 4) Clutch braking. (5% increase in turn speed) 5) Smooth Ride. I....holy shit, I used to put this on all my guys before I knew what I was doing. It's....it's shit isn't it. It takes the Bat 155 58, with the worst Tier 10 dispersion on the move at .4, down to .38. 5% change? I'd say that's not worth it except as a "eh, got nothing better" perk.
  11. Given that you need module damage, and that's a function of caliber, I actually found that it was easier in the E8 to get the Obj260 fire mission, since the 76mm is doing more damage to the fuel tanks. Now, if you're doing engine shots, then yeah, you need pure ROF, but I found fuel tanks to be easier to light. Also, for the 55a version of the missions, I actually did it in the WZ120 or 121. Big-ass 122mm round to the front of a T54 twice in a row.
  12. I generally used them initially on tanks that I didn't have a full tree grind for. Obj 140 (with the 54 crew going to the 62a). AMX30B, T57, etc. Then replaced my meh IS4 crew, since they'll be doing duty on the 4, 5, and 260 in five more missions. After that I'll prob just pick a tank that I don't have a great crew for. Maybe a 50M crew...
  13. It's entirely possible with the waffle. The problem is that it's going to be more map/MM dependent than other tanks with the long reload. 3 clips worth of pens and you're there though.
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