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  1. Hello guys, I am Brazilian, and I try a foreign clan in order to improve my gameplay and teamplay. The tanks that I have available are: Tier 6 - Cromwell B, Rudy, 59-16, Type 64 and T 37; Tier 7 - IS-2 Berlin, ISU-122S; WZ-131 and LTTB; Tier 8 - IS3, IS5, FCM 50T, WZ-132, T-54 LWT (coming soon) and Super Pershing; Tier 9 - T-54 Tier 10 - IS7. My English pronunciation is bad , but I understand all commands in battle. Looking for a clan with 2000+ WN8 and that language will not be an impediment at this point. Thanks in advance, Att, Sonneiko.
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