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  1. Felicius

    The M103

    Maybe it is the server difference. EU server has much bigger population than SEA or NA, so you see tier 10 not so often. I used it about 2 y ago, and it was decent with 90 mm if you spam gold. I played patriot and pretty much the same 90 mm feels good enough. Sure, you lose some mobility in T32 but you get invincible turret... My DPG and WR was about the same on those tanks. They play differently to a point, but they are still quite similar. Sure, patriot can simply decline the fight with those that can not pen, but T32 can troll ppl into shooting HE, and since the rep kits are multi-use, broken gun is not that bad any more.
  2. Felicius

    The M103

    True. The grind is atrocious, while the M103 is actually the weakest link in a nice line. (OK, it was the weakest until the E5 armor nerf, maybe still is).
  3. Felicius

    The M103

    Just get a Conq for a proper 120 mm in tier 9...and better turret all the way.
  4. Webium is the best if you want all the goodies.
  5. It was at its finest 4 y ago, and tolerable up to about 2,5 y ago (great TD nerf). I sold it straight after, moved crew to bufffed JT. Much better platform for 128. Even has not bad camo+ unnerfed VR.
  6. Felicius


    And it was slightly better than IS-3 ages ago (pre-HD)...how far mighty have fallen...everybody got buffed except 110... That pike actually worked back in the day when the average pen was way lower, and you could pen IS-3 pike with 180-190 AP.
  7. I am contemplating to buy it back now on discount, and sell E4 POS afterwards. Is it still a good tank in this armor-creep meta? Tier 9 is nicer to play, I know that...how T30 gold holds out vs 375 apcr on E4 tier for tier?
  8. True. It just feels weak to play against, like you fight a tier 9 tank (and not a particularly good one). IS-4 has more pen+acc so it nails me back by the time i finish aiming the roof. Still, if they removed (or buffed) the shoulders it would be less like Tiger P of tier X.
  9. Nope. 128 now more than then. armor creep means 352 apcr feels like silver bullets. Sometimes you are the only one in your team that can penetrate enemy over-armored heavies. 352 apcr goes through IS-7 turret, tried and tested numerous times ( Russian med turrets too, except the 430 U not that good) + you do not wanna expose to type 4&5 at all. just load apcr and snapshot in their general direction. take note that 128 has dirt cheap gold ammo, too. 4400 vs 6000 silver. if you count every time you miss/Stalin space armor eats HEAT, it is like 2x more.
  10. If you angle, your shoulders become weak...so no perfect use of armor possible (except hull-down, but bad gun dep+rear turret). Not being able to side-scrape like a boss on a rear turret tank defeats its purpose. UFP would be OK if it was a brick tank, but shoulders defeat the purpose. Add thin side armor and shit acc+aim time and you can defeat this tank by slinging HEAT(330-340 mm) at it with minimal aiming, not even letting it return fire, with 50-60% chance to pen it.
  11. Can I rephrase the question without being too much off-topic? If you would have to pick only one tank in tier 8-10 Conq line, which one would it be? Solopubbing and pubstomping, no CW. Goldspam is not an issue. I have Conq yet, super Conq unlocked, and just one british crew in total...I hated caern back 3 years ago...is it so much better now? better than Patriot/IS-3/VK 100.01 (at bullying)
  12. Death of vision meta/corridors should have helped a lot, but...everything and their mother in tier 9-10 was buffed several times in last 2 years. Among other things, E 75, one of the last original tanks to get buffs. It feels much stronger tier for tier now, and it is not the best tier 9 heavy... Gun handling+acc buff means its armor (unbuffed) efficiency goes up - you have to spend half less time aiming. It also warrants putting vents, even optics on E 75 (400 m vision on tier 9 is nice+ optics+BIA, you can outspot tier 8 heavies all day and detect tier 9 meds firing on you, tier 10 400 m is meh) to make a gun even better at snapshoting (apcr vs heat allows that). 128 on E 75 feels really nice as a sniper gun. 0.34 and 2.3 (0.38 and 2,9 before) is the same as long 88 mounted on Tiger II a decent performer back in vision meta/permatrack/before armor creep/cheap to scrubs without premium acc/before acc buff to 105. Tiger I has longer aim time...Coming from now laser straight 0.31 (before 0.34) Tiger II the tank feels more natural to new players, and not derpy at all. In fact, 0.31 acc long 105 still has worse aim time - 2.5s + overall softness means you have about the same accuracy in battlefield conditions (Tiger II just a bit less than half aimed, E 75 2/3). There are not many brick tanks in higher tiers left, and those have to rely on gimmick to be successful (derp) or simply be very good at being a brick (Maus). I openly agree that i was never good at E-100, or tier 10 in general (well, 50 M and Type are my decent performers), but I think my argument still stands. I actually have very little problems when facing E 100s in my tier 9s like E75/Conq or buffed T-54 (turret is now great), by the time their sights are on me they have already got penned+ both tanks have much better turrets/acc/shell speed (even T-54 HEAT is quite faster). Of course that I use terrain to hide hull/LFP and expose only the strong armor... Gehakte, i know you are good at bricks, but huge turret face on E 100 means every time you try to shoot the enemy they slap you with HEAT before you turn the turret all the way+by the time you aim they are already half back in cover or angling away (Maus). Simply, the big flat surfaces+bad acc+slowest shells after arty+bad aim time/gun handling is too much in today's meta. 15 cm is simply not a reliable gun. It feels like one of Top Gear challenges where they take 70s or 80s supercars and get humiliated on the track by today's Golf diesel. Today everything is simply faster and better, even unloved tanks that were dogs most of the time (or their replacements), in addition to progressive powercreep. And this comes from a guy that has driven 20+old cars all its life, still owns and drives daily 2 of them from 1996. and choses tanks a lot by their looks and historical importance. I was driving my E 100 only for missions and in CW since the (1st) E5 buff, and since the Maus buff it collects dust and is being played once in 6 months by my 12 y old bro.
  13. Northwest: 31 Pearl River: 49-3=46. Chinese maps=Kitsch South Coast: 29+1=30. This would be good if it got the Mines treatment. Remove the base camping appeal. Beach was way better than it is now on Overlord, anyway. A legit tactic in a slow heavy to avoid being dog food for camping TDs. I wonder if the TDs would be today as effective, though. Armor creep+TD vision nerf...
  14. Felicius

    Leopard 1

    He probably meant 113 as having a (marginally) better turret than 5A. hatches are smaller, just enough to be a lot less likely to get hit in CW. And hulldown against meds is what these tanks both excel. 430 U has OP turret better than both. by a huge margin. hatches are even smaller, and almost a 100 mm stronger. you need 300+ just to get through, whereas you can pen weak chinese knockoffs with any tier 9/10 stock ammo (if you hit) . Like an E5 HD overbuff. Also, 430 U turret sides are quite a bit stronger. Just enough to expose to multiple enemies in about 30-40 degrees angle and not get penned. 113/5A turrets work only dead straight on.
  15. As a pubbie tank, Maus and Type 5 are still better. I own all 3 of them. Don't get me wrong, E 100 was my first heavy, which i acquired back in vision meta. It is a no-sell, and crew for my B2... It was always a strong tank, among the top. But in all honesty, it is outmatched today by overall armor creep. one of the last original WOT tanks that have not received buffs or "HD" remodels that either killed them or made them OP (or both, like E5)...of several gun handling/ROF buffs. "Golden age of E100 was after the death of vision (lets say the time of the great TD vision nerf) and before the introduction of Type 5 derp/Maus buff/arty nerf. There was almost a year or so of E5 dominance after first "HD" overbuff when you could do shit to it while you got hit in the face with HEAT and E5 needed 0.5 s aim time to slap the sizzling shells in your huge forehead. now why does the arty nerf works bad for E 100? well, not directly. i mean, it has great armor all around (so you fare much better than SConq, E5 today) , and since you do not get slapped regularly by Obj 261 AP (and sometimes T92 ) AP life is more predictable, if not exactly comfier. Arty has a much less HE alpha damage now, but it has stun time, more ROF and more acc. How it works on E 100, and how on other superheavies? Well, more ROF and acc means you are gonna get hit more often, and you are so huge that you cant count on misses as before (like fully aimed shots landing 20 m from you doing nothing). Also, your ROF means that every time you pop out one arty has probably reloaded (before with 40ish seconds reload you could get several shots off for each arty salvo). Now, you are in the brawl zone, partially exposed to arty. Maus is gonna take considerable less dmg from arty (it was not like that before, it was only about 10-15 % less, but now Maus has more armor, and arty does less dmg to tanks with more armor progressively due to reduced arty HE pen) , less stun, but more importantly, a perma-stunned Maus still has a usable gun, and needs only to angle a bit after shooting to be nearly impenetrable. When (not if) you get stunned while brawling, your gun can't hit shit any more, you are getting more crew deaths, and your HP melt under HEAT as your turret turns glacially, or/and you are tracked. Type 5 has to expose way less to get the shots off (so it gets hit by arty way less since it is exposed 1/2 of your time), and if you try to sidescrape against it to receive less splash he can simply track you for 400 dmg (500 with gold) and not get hit at all. Type is also less shit under arty fire, because even stunned it can miss the tank and still do damage. Also, Type can snipe much better than you when you get Klondike and you clear the brawl only to find a 200 m opet ground to cross...and a full health base camping Badger waiting for you. At that distance Type can fuck up the badger that does not spam gold, and trade at worst with goldspamming one. Doesn't matter if Himmelsdorf or Prokh, type/maus super heavy better than e 100.... But, But, But.... With 30 km top speed you can actually return to defend cap, deploy way faster before half your team suicide and cet some cleanup occasionally. The issue of speed is huge. difference between 20 and 30 is more than between 40 and 60. In CW it is not important, but in randoms means you can get to the corner and preaim the brawlzone. Not exactly a heavium, but it is very important.
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