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    Object 252U

    I know. The crew is not that ghetto, just the crew skills selection. Just that you have useless skills at 60% of your crew is kinda sad...Tiger needs all the repairs it can get, to save the rep kit on modules (ammo rack). So, instead of having 98% overall repairs, you have 39%...enjoy permatracking by even 122s .
  2. Felicius

    Bat.-Chatillon 25 t Appreciation Thread

    It is simply bigger and easier to hit.
  3. Felicius

    T25 Pilot Numbah 1!

    True, true... But it is still the best USA medium crew trainer out there.
  4. Felicius

    Object 252U

    So, that is how a 47%er crew skills look like.
  5. Felicius

    T25 Pilot Numbah 1!

    You shouldnt have purchased them until the last day anyway. Enjoy throwing money on WG.
  6. Felicius

    Centurion 7/1 - post 9.17.1 buff

    Never had any trouble penning a Grille or other paper tank even with my RU 251 cheap 102 mm pen 90 mm HESH...and I use Conq HESH a lot (120 mm pen). Use it if you wanna waste credits. 210 pen HESH makes sense on meds that are just hard enough to block full pen from cheap HESH, like Leo 1...or paper heavies like 50 B
  7. Felicius

    T25 Pilot Numbah 1!

    T67 again... It also counts as top of the tree, so you get a nice crew exp bonus. My Crew ticked over to 4th skill solely because of this mission marathon. Just got a radley walters on prokh, in tier 7 (one E-25 per side)...
  8. Felicius


    113 is on the other end of spectrum from the E 50 M - useless in pubs, god king of CW when used correctly (and with 5 skill crew+food+gold consumables). It is all about dpm on a mobile chassis + VERY resistant to goldspam in CW (medium gold rounds) when hulldown + high hitpoints and alpha... For example, on every map you are slower than RU meds...but not much...karelia/Mines hill you are gonna come just in time to hit meds once in passing, then just go for a kill while BC bounce shitty APCR on you...and you rape him with 440 bombs every 7.7 sec. Tier X TDs and arty ruin the game...as well as anything outside organised play. Because in organised play you still have way better gun handling than E 100 (and Maus is so slow it practically does not count for any sort of offensive play), with same HEAT and better DPM/speed, so you are better positioned. I tried my E 50 M in CW with yolo setup of 10-12 BC+1-2 RU meds and my E 50 M...and we won like 9 out of 10 games...lost only to FAME with even crazier setup of 10 BCs, 2 E5s and 3 obj 140s....with 3 k dmg awg. So E 50 M is more useful in CW than 113 in randoms...except to bully an occasional medium (if you do not get lit p or ammo racked).
  9. Felicius

    T67 (formerly T49) Appreciation Thread

    Hellcats still had OP gold penetration to punch +2 tier heavies, and good base acc. This gun is not accurate at all, 0.41. Yes it is OP, but not that much. It is more that the ppl at tier 5 are way worse, and are just grinding through stock tanks with 75% crew. If you have a good crew, you will spot it when he fires effectively. Beyond 350 m it is almost useless, more shots miss than hit. Meta is more CQC than in time of pre-nerf hellcat, and soft stats are worse. It is situationally OP on maybe 1/3 of all maps, and very good on 1/3. But pre-nerf Kitty was literally a medium on steroids, and would rather play it than Cromwell on Himmels. Shoot more HE on it, especially when driving T67 myself. Need just 2 shots to kill instead of 4.
  10. Some tanks laugh at HEAT spammers... I just go out sideways in my IS-3/WZ-111/WZ-111 1-4 and laugh
  11. Felicius

    T25 Pilot Numbah 1!

    It is very profitable, since it does not see tier 8 heavies (where armor starts to mean something, even tier 7 heavies are mostly riddled with weakspots, only O-Ni requires gold frontally, IS can be penned in cupola, T-29 in frontal hull, Tiger P has more weakspots than strong parts...easier to pen most tier 7 heavies with t67 than tier 8 ones with E-25+turret and even more speed means easier flanking) Also, you have not fired a single gold round. You was top tier, and even in a dream matchup (plenty of blind soft tanks), you have not fired a single shot at two strongest, and most important tanks to kill- IS and T29. Your team eliminated the two most worthy opponents. They did 1/3 of the dmg of the whole enemy team, and those two heavies could have eviscerated your team if not for your very good heavies(all made more than 1 k dmg, even tier 6 ones - and stayed alive, so they could have done more). I even suspect that you have done solid part of your dmg as cleanup dmg, since you killed arty... E-25 prints money in certain situations, but when you are trying to force wins, you need to kill enemy heavies (at range). that requires gold if they are not tier 6 ones or Tiger. I have won plenty of games with 3 k dmg and lost money, even with prem acc. I run 50/50 loadout, and fire about 2/3 AP...but APCR is there for tier 8 battles with plenty of heavies. I play for wins...maybe not the best tank to do it in this meta...but E 25 can contribute when necessary. Of course, T67 is a tier 5 standard tank, and E-25 a tier 7 prem...hard to compare...but E-25 does not print as much money as you led ppl to believe. Tier 6 prems like Bromwell earn the same on avg.
  12. Felicius

    Strv S1

    I hope richboys buy it...and give me a break from endless Defender/Skorp G spam both in randoms and in stronks... game needs more invisi snipers with great penetration and reasonable alpha, head butting with superheavies is getting so boring...you must drop to tier 5 to escape that meta and actually enjoy playing meds/tds/lights/heaviums. I have no qualms digging out the bushcampers in my meds - good crew+food+equip (opt/binos) and it is rewarding to do it. Superheavies simply require goldspam...and even then they often simply roll over due to plenty of hitpoints.
  13. Felicius

    T25 Pilot Numbah 1!

    Fine...but B2 and T67 still miles better. I feel more like O-Ho Ho today...4 hours reserves and I will make it. just to fuck up the day for all the Defenders rolling around.
  14. Felicius

    Elimination: Tier 10 - 2017 edition

    121: 21 113: 20 TVP T50/51: 21 Foch 155: 20 AMX 50B: 20 Batchat 25t: 20 AMX 30B: 20: 20 Jagdpz E-100: 20 Maus: 21 E-100: 21 Panzer VII: 20 Grille 15: 20 E-50M: 21 Now with bigger mantlet and -8 deg of frontal gun depression for more comfort...going hull down is both easier, and has more sense...UFP was never too strong, but when using gun dep, it is invincible. Maybe not the best tank out there, but a perfect generalist...more than RU meds that must camo snipe or go hulldown...every map, every matchup, and I contribute well...Plsen or Prokh, it is just great. Powercreeps the Centurion AX since the gun dep+mantlet buff. Leopard 1: 20 STB-1: 20 Type 5 Heavy: 21 Centurion AX: 20 FV215b 183: 20 FV215b: 20 FV4005: 8 T57 Heavy: 20 T110E4: 17 T110E3: 20 M48 Patton: 20 T110E5: 21 Object 268: 20 Object 263: 17 T-62A: 20 Object 430: 20 Object 140: 20 IS-7: 20 IS-4: 20 Kranvagn: 17 Gun is so potato, that no amount of turret armor or gun dep can salvage a tank. Add being terribly underpowered, long clip reload for the dmg potential (50 B can land all 4 shots, Kran will mis one and bounce one for sure...unless enemies simply run away during horrendous intraclip), and everyone thinking it is still OP - you get focused by arty and players alike. Remember old 50 120 before the last buff gun elevation issues? You can feel them here. + type 5 heavy owners have grinded out the derp gun, and there are simply more tier 8-10 Japs in general. Every patch puts more tanks on a list "i hate to have them in their team, they are pain in the ass to pen". Defender at fucking tier 8 for example. Strv 103B: 20
  15. Felicius

    Object 252U

    It is not that slower...in SH we play both, and they are kinda same. Yes, Is-3 is faster and more agile, but Defender is an armoured beast...it could have Maus speed and still be great. Just look at VK 100.01 to see that 440 alpha at tier 8+armor works like a charm.
  16. Felicius

    Mäuschen appreciation thread

    Limit of 3 arty seems the most important + they are less likely to all 3 be top tier now. 4 tier X arty seems the norm nowadays.
  17. Felicius

    Mäuschen appreciation thread

    Tier for tier Maus armor is about the same. Tier X arty and TDs can make you feel quite soft in Maus sometimes...beware of the "soft" UFP with E4 top of the tree and APCR spam. Also, there is the hitpoints - Mäuschen already has best in tier, so the same tier for tier.
  18. Felicius

    Mäuschen appreciation thread

    This is not an upgrade in the range of skipping the M58 gun on M103, but it surely is worth it. If you dislike Mäuschen, you will not like Maus anyway...and the grind of 50 k exp for an engine is worth it...way overpriced, should be more like for E 75 top engine (and every other tier 9), but worth it anyway. You should have the important modules (top 128 mm) unlocked from other line, so...invest in engine. Maus is good, but Mäuschen is as strong, tier for tier, and even more of a sealclubber - same gun7almost the same armor, same speed. You get just the dpm and frontal turret increase.
  19. Felicius

    T-34-85M appreciation thread

    Yup buff just a few days before the sale was too obvious. Only thing more obvious as a cash grab was the return of the Panther/M10 and such crap back in shop (and in game store) after they buffed them from oblivion.
  20. Felicius

    Tiger (P), how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

    It is beautiful indeed. Imperial-class Star Destroyer at its finest, all shiny, sleek and sexy.
  21. Felicius

    T25 Pilot Numbah 1!

    So true... Still, T67 is a more filthy sealclubber...2 tiers difference, and gold ammo is almost the same pen...nuff said.
  22. Felicius

    My impression of Swedish MT/HT line

    So, Emil 1 the best as predicted even before the test server went alive, by my gut feeling. My grind confirmed it. Not getting any of them back, though, crommie is still best tier 6 med, and with patriot and buffed E-75, Emil 1 and 2 just feel weak. Kranvagn there it is, once a week for CW and collecting dust since missions for top of the tree reserves are done. It is the best dmg dealer after Strv 74 in the whole line tier -for tier, maybe that is why. Emil 2 often plays like a single shot gun...they retreat before 2nd shell, and almost always before 3rd... Somehow arty targeted me way less in Emil 1, and missed me more often due to small+low (but it hurts a lot when hit). Arty players are not that stupid - they know what tanks to focus and kill, since Emil 2&Kran can dominate ridges, Emil 1 is more of an opportunist. Exposure is the shortest, too, so there is that (less intraclip than Emil 2, less aiming required than on Kran with that potato HEAT). Only Emil 1 feels like a true autoloader, a better 50 100. 50 b is so much better than Kran when it comes to actually doing dmg...not just bouncing your and enemy shells, and then get artied. gun dep buff was the real deal. I kinda hate +10 gun elevation on Kran, too. worse than 50 120 after buff. just a few deg more would make me able to shoot in a number of situations where i got killed close range without being able to fight back.
  23. Felicius

    T-34-85M appreciation thread

    E 75 with just 1/3 gold, and no food, easy 2.8 k dpb, even with potato (oneshot by arty) games since buff, over 30 battles or so. I do intend on food+full apcr just for shit and giggles (apcr is kinda cheap, 4800 for 490 dmg - less than WZ 111 for 390, and more effective), but have to save money for M46 Patton. Thing is, it makes money now, and does 1000 dmg more, while taking less in return. My armor efe is better, too, since i snapshot a lot, not aiming for 3 sec like before. And tier 8 grinds are nothing compared to tier 9 grinds. Modules alone on tier 9 take longer than the whole tier 8 grind sometimes. you need maybe 20-30 free exp to elite tier 8, and 100 k (at least 70 for turret+gun) to make a tier 9 playable. try grinding credits at tier 5&6. srsly, my T67 and crommie just shit creds. T-34 too, if I am frugal with gold - but i am too much of a dmg whore to do it, and tier 7 heavies have so much hitpoints...my entire stash of gold to kill just 2 of them (30x 85 dmg a pop)
  24. Felicius

    T-34-85M appreciation thread

    T-10>>>E-50 right now. Actual armor, and best heat on a turreted tank makes wonders. more alpha, and as fast. playing only defender would make tier 8 worth playing, at least for money and crew grinds......but with beauties like Skoda T50/E 75 in existence...not tempted at all. FoTM is not what you should do all the way through. I liked my E-50 a lot. But T-54 is simply better at dealing with buffed heavies. And then T50 appeared, and that tank is better than any other tier 9. If you like meds, that is the way to go. If you like heavies, play the overbuffed E-75 more. The mighty T-10 is not so good as E-75 right now. WOW. from 2nd worst heavy to top in one patch. T-10 was best until 9.17.1., now it is 2nd. I have EVERY good tech tree (like not french tds) elited anyway on, since i played prem tanks less than 5% of my total games before 20 k battles. i am not sure that jag 88 shit creds any more. you can not do much dmg in it, and Patriot earns me net 60-80 k on a win, and 20-40 on a defeat with prem acc. I shoot only silver cr, but i do run cola bought on discount. I do plenty of tracking, and spotting with optics (480 vr), and that earns me a lot of silver. In occasional strongholds with reserves it is as high as 150 k net creds with moderate gold usage (defenders), since i do about 2 k dmg, but about 1 k assist on avg (500 spot+500 track)+my role is finishing low hp targets. got a radley walters in stronghold, with 1.5 k dmg, lol. The hardest tanks to penetrate right now are in tier 8-9, so pref mm helps shit. Getting good enough to get in good clan to improve more is the way to go.
  25. Felicius

    T-34-85M appreciation thread

    well, if you keep playing shit tanks, no wonder you hate the tier. No offence, but that is the truth. I made the same mistake when i started playing WOT. I am a history aficionado, and I wanted to have all the most famous tanks from ww 2 - Pz 3, 4, Tiger, Panther, I run the T-34 with 76 mm gun and such...and back in 2013 it was a hard time with KV1-S, Hellcats, and such roflstomping around. They even had the horrific mode "national battles" for a time, with Germans having 6-7 VK3601H tanks and the Americans pre-nerf Hellcats. Good luck beating a KV-1S (in worst case driven by an experienced statpadder) with your VK3601H. You can imagine how this battle will probably go, the VK’s will get torn to pieces. It was a vision meta dominated by fantasy tanks, and I performed poorly, despite having a very good knowledge regarding weakspots, crew skills, and such. than i started to read Garbad: his brutal, rude, but honest approach dawned things at me. It is not enough just to play decent - you need the flavor of the meta tanks. I ditched more than half of my garage - Sold KT and bought IS-3, sold the jagdtiger and bought the waffle 4 (1.5 y ago i bought the jag back, and sold the waffle, nerfs to waffles and buffs to jag+meta changes) stopped playing Tiger 1 until i improved (3 marked it a year ago in 20 battles from 60% with 2.5 k avg combined), and got rid of KV-2, even the KV-1 after the turret nerf. Your Chi-To is utter shit compared to how KT is weaker than IS-3. Not only it is a bad tank, and lower ceiling than Crommie/34-85, but it has less "teaching value" and you simply can not learn plenty of stuff while driving it, like early spotting, cleanup techniques, and value of early damage for wins. With KT i did learn sidescraping, and weakspots (I was poor, and shot 0 gold at the time, but good acc+base pen produced results). but it was time to let it go. You are plateauing at a low WN8 and WR quite a lot because of bad tank selection. having the worst possible prems does not help, jag 88 is terrible, and SP is meh at best, getting worse by the day. IS-6 and FCM 50 t are also out (especially FCM), and frustrating to play right now. Play the AMX M4 49 as much as you can, it is very strong, but also already getting powercreeped, Defender is just the start. You can see by yourself that playing OP tanks like T110E5 is the way to go for scrubs like us. It is just that I am a scrub with better map knowledge, and garage content than you - but my decision making, initiative and battle awareness are almost as shit as when I started this game. I also have plenty of useful mods like XVM, hitzones, extended spotting (lightbulbs) and such to make my life easier, and my awareness better. I watched garbad and other unica, and learned a lot - but i also learned that i can never play like that, and should not even try. But you pick some neat tricks along the way. P.S. you play tier 8 too much. Tier 9 was the sweet spot like forever, and tier 10 is much better since there is no battle tier 12 any more. tier 9&10 tanks are played with more gold, best crews, best equipment, so tier 8s suffer more in that sort of matchup than my tier 6 with 4 skill crew suffers in tier 8 with idiots with stock crews and prem tanks, while they have tier 5 max in tech tree. I see by their repair times and staying unspotted at 330-350 m while firing that they run stock crews and no equip a lot. I have a clock in battle, and 12 sec track repair means they are dead - i sometimes permatrack 2 targets at once. i am a shit player deep down, but I am an artist at stacking odds in my favor. trust me on this. I know you play it mostly for prems, but why you need so much silver anyway?Do you have prem acc? If you play more lower tiers, you earn more money (repair costs are a bargain, and silver shells dirt cheap - you pay 1 silver per dmg done, not 3-4 as in tier 8-10). I earn 20-25 k on avg with my regular Crommie, with 1/3 of gold fired, 1300 dpb and just prem acc - not sure you can do it with SP or IS-6. I can finance food/goldspam without playing strongholds or prem tanks at all, prem acc is all what i need. tank selection comes into play a lot. oh yeah, the FV201 (A45) is shit, too. if you spend so much $, at least buy OP premiums , like bromwell/patriot/skorp G/defender... they are not only OP, they also print silver, instead on relying on most expensive gold in game (17 pd, 90 mm), and 88 mm gold is shit too (but much needed nowadays).