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    Guide to the T-28 (aka "the Barn")

    @Golem501 Well, i trained this crew in a T-28...after 300+ battles and a premium account you got a rather nice crew...and i have a similar one in the T-34. I feel now ready to move into the T-54 and T-62A domain. Regarding the seal clubbing...well it is not completley like that. I mean, it may look so, but there are reasons for people playing lower tiers even after so many battles. One of the reasons are that I am a history aficionado, and higher tier tanks are mostly fantasy tanks or prototypes. Seeing the tank in Kubinka or the Deutsches Panzermuseum really gets me itching to play it... Other reasons include better moneymaking at tier IV-VI (if you pick your tanks good, you do not need more than 5% gold used), and dirt cheap repair costs...along with crew training. You would be surprised, but I see at most 20-30% of people with less than 5 k battles in the lower tiers. Actually, most of bots and hopeless players gathered around tier VI and VII, since the grind time goes exponentially after first few tiers, and most never make it to tier VIII-X due to being constantly broke, or they go back a tier to earn money. they rarely revert several tiers lower. They have the mentality that they need "just another tier up" that is fueled by every time they got stomped by top tier tank. Tier II is actually notorious for being populated by more than 50% seal clubbers at EU servers, with green and blue dominating colours, and red being a minority. During the "golden era" of seal clubbing the most hated by seals were people driving tier IV vehicles like SU85b, and T40...390-400 m view range is the tier 9 standard, along with better guns than a lot of tier V tanks and OP camo values. I never liked these tanks since while they were grossly unfair, but actually boring to play, forcing you to static gameplay...Or the Cruiser III...Glad that map rotation now favors more my beloved Pz. II (which is now still far from OP, but was never really a dog)...Now the tier IV-V is mostly cleaned from seal clubbers, although Hetzers still hetz...sometimes with full Heat loadout. Regarding the people that have 50% crew...well, they do not read Wotlabs, so effort would be wasted. I aim more at bored old players looking for some low-tier relax, or a good money maker. Also, russian med crews are always handy, and this tank has 6 crew members, meaning you can take out a few, and use the accelerated training to bring the fresh recruits up to decent skill level fast. Also, some people (and a lot more on the NA than EU server) start their russian tech tree later (grinding USA, UK or German tree), meaning they already have some decent skill level, but they lack good crew. Also, T-28 has a good crew setup even if you continue to the heavy line: all crew members are present, and the extra radio operator could be used as a second loader if you do not mind 500 gold. I more often feel like i am clubbing at Cromwell or Obj 416 (with around 50% Heat), and the T-34 is definitely better for true clubbing. T-34 is much harder target to hit with the above mentioned 50% or 75% crews, harder to spot, and sees pretty much same number of tier III tanks if you play it outside prime time. It also has better top speed, higher ROF and better gun depression, making the use of micropositioning spots that seals do not know easier and more devastating, along with safar in general. It also has better camo...But that is already part of my next review... @SoliDeoGloria translation please?
  2. Hi everyone! Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste... I play Wot for about 2 years now. First year i spent as an ignorant noob, reading only the official forums. About a year ago I started educating myself in a proper manner, by coming here! After reading a lot of articles and topics by Garbad, Rexxie, Kewei and other great names (I apologize to all not named here) i believe i slowly became a decent player, able to carry games at mid-tiers at least. I am located in Croatia, and i play mostly at EU1 server. I believe i can even become a contributor at some tanks that are a bit neglected at this forum, mostly low tier ones. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. P.S. : Not sure why, but wotlabs seems to forgot a lot of my battles, i have actually over 19 k. and better stats...(not a stat whore, but better than this) http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/BrunoPic/517531459/