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  1. Not sure I'm improving... (I am trying to though!) My 60 days stats seems to be about 2000-2200 WN8 for a few months now. Still it's higher than my all time stats, so for me, all lines are going up. I still hope to get to all time blue, but it's a loooooooooong road.
  2. Well, let me start by saying im no scout player... The AMX12t certainly isn't awesome.... However, the camo is ok, the clip reload for 6 shots is only like 19 seconds, which is amazing. I DO fire all gold in it, so the pen is fine. I find the speed, agility and general lack of gun control to make playing as an active scout pretty unsuccessful, so I tend to snipe in mine - which it does more than adequately. The thing that brings a smile to my face playing this tank is the ludicrously low expected stats on it with WN8. Oh I did 800 damage? I'm a unicum again. Really...? I have had s
  3. in the last two nights, I've had to play 17 games in total on my Caern to get my daily double twice. It sees tier 10 a lot and well, im slowly starting to hate it... The armor isnt good enough (certainly angled seems to not bounce, facehugging I guess is the way) the speed/agility isnt good enough the alpha isnt good enough the reload isnt good enough It feels like 1-2 of these things needs a bit of a buff. It feels very hard to carry in. It has decent depression, but it's got a badish turret, so it's hard to make that benefit work well. The view range is a mega positive and like
  4. Very nice work, I'm impressed. I guess that blew my challenge out of the water then. LOL As for where that leaves my opinions on the FV304... well, I feel some day I will need to retry it again, some day But also, the first way to improve is acceptance of suckage. You've at least helped me confirm that! Ha!
  5. Yo Antikondor. Yes we need to hang out, perhaps we can make blue overall together! (You'll do it quicker than me though.)
  6. Aside from planning methodology, I'd say a great way to increase WN8 is to identify tanks with a low WN8 expected value and leverage the crap out of them. I've started playing the VK3001P recently. It's not an amazing tank, but it's MORE than capable. It's agile enough, good depression, accurate enough. Use the 88, fire all gold and reap the WN8 goodies. AMX12t is another good one. The AMX12T is quite OP in some regards. a 6 round autoloader with good pen on gold (needs to be gold) good accuracy too and a ridiculous short reload for all 6 shots - about 18 secs. Camo is great, and speed/agi
  7. On the subject of goal setting, i'd say set short term achievable goals and these keep you motivated towards the bigger picture. I use GOST as a methodology for this. I set an overall long term goal, then some objectives that will help be achieve that goal, I then set stategies and tactics to achieve the objective, which in turn helps me meet my overall goal. An example for me might be: Goal(longterm): Overall Blue 1900 WN8. Objective (like a shorter term goal): Increase my overall WN8 by 7 each week (an average of one per day) Strategy (overall strategy for achieving short term g
  8. You need to adjust your specs, that's all. The Ch-Ri is one three tanks im playing at the moment that I was dreading. The other two are the AMX12t and the vk3001p. All three I now see as glorious WN8 stat padding opportunities and I look forward to playing them every day. Sure they aren't the best tanks, but I love the challenge of playing carefully and leveraging as much out of them as possible. also, because the expected stats are low, you get the glory of 13-15k WN8 games to cheer you up when you do properly well. I find these tanks, the source of as much cheer as other 'great' tank
  9. Interesting, although 2 of these are from the Bishop. So 2 runs isnt much of a sample. Looking forward to see how you do with a larger sample, like 50 games. Good luck!
  10. I re-bought this yesterday after selling my FV304. I haven't worked out how to play it yet, but YOLOing my way to 3000WN8 and 9 wins in 10 games solo sure was a lot more fun than I had in my FV304. Feels exactly like a T49, but with camo that doesn't break. I can make that work! Hell, even if it goes wrong, you can still survive a shot from a KV1-S most of the time. I didn't feel i played any better than merely ok in it. Surely the expected stats are a little low. Feels like a stat padder.
  11. I challenge anyone to get better WN rating in an FV304 than they can in a KV1-S, T34-85, Hellcat. This thing isnt OP... It's different, but it takes skill and effort and concentration - a lot of game reading to achieve in it. Pound for pound, effort for effort, it's no more than average. If the best I can do when trying hard, is achieve pretty much 1000 WN8 less than i can in against my 1k stats then it's only going to lead to me selling it, which is what I did.
  12. Well I disagree here completey, ref my comments in the most boring tanks thread yesterday. I'm not great at tanks, but actually i'm really quite good. I find your comments a bit insulting really. I've tried hard in this tank, nearly have 100 games in it, a kill per game, but the thing never does any freaking damage! what's the point in doing 13 hits for 380 damage. It's fun... occasionally, but in at least 2/3 of the games it's just a failing to catch up with the metagame and hoping to get an arty kill in at the end. It does excel at end game sweeping up though, either tanks or arty, and that
  13. i'm very interested to find this out as well. I strongly suspect my 1k stats put me at a similar place in the overall pecking order to my overall stats.
  14. I must admit i find the FV304 kinda boring a lot of the time and great fun about 1 game in 3... Most of the time, I'm zipping around the map trying to get into a position without being shot at, only for the metagame to be moving on too quickly or for me to keep pinging 28 damage shots at tanks. Last game i played on it and i got 13 hits and 380 damage... About 500 WN8... felt kinda pointless. It's left me not sure what to do with the tank and the crew... I keep saying to myself i'll sell it, only to have a game where i smile again but then that is followed by several more painful games.
  15. T95 was absolutely painfully dull for the modules and the first 100k, but i dunno, i've taken a different view on it in the last week and it's not soooo bad, I actually click battle on it now without a sense of dread and depression. I had a similar feeling with my AT-15, but now im enjoying that more too. I also tend to find tanks boring to play not just if they're slow, but also if I struggle to find a way to leverage them... maybe i'm confusing frustration or just sheer annoyance with boredom here... I'm currently frustrated/annoyed/bored in my Ch-Ri for sure! Make it go away!!!
  16. Hi there, I'm very interested in this clan (wawa). I'm 39, (still, for a tiny bit longer) British and married, and an absolute raw scrub at WoT. Also, given my number of games, I've proven that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks However, that being said, I'm not always incompetent and I always try. I'm also very sociable, up for a laugh, and although i like to occasionally rage, it's never at other people - only at the game or my perceived lack of luck I'd love to platoon up regularly with likeminded people. (people that think this is the most amazing game ever) I'm mainl
  17. ...'Got 'em!' Makes me GRIN every time. Love it.
  18. 36 battles last night with confrontation enabled. First 12: Encounter and and Assault disabled. Solo Play. 12 Standard Battles. Thought that was a bit odd Final 24: Platooned, with same tier, same nation tank. With Encounter, Confrontation enabled. Plenty of Encounter battles played. The rest were Standards. All through the night a range of tiers were played. Odd? Does confrontation exist? Did Wargaming sprinkle hallucinogenic pixie dust in with the patch download that made people believe a new mode existed? If so, where is my pixie dust!? Or am I extending my stats denial int
  19. wolverine108

    Skip ARL44?

    I preferred the F3 as well. I've tried all the guns on it but aim time is a real problem on the long 90 and the 105. 3.4 seconds makes it really almost unusable. Also, with the gold spam option on the 105 you really don't want to waste credits, so itmakes you aim all the way and this normally isnt the best thing - with a 3.4 sec aimtime, you end up taking too many hits. I know alpha is normally king, but the 105's alpha wasnt enough to outweight the disadvantages of the aimtime for me. I'd do lots of damage in a game but always end up dead too early as well. I don't think the F3 is a great
  20. I had a pretty bad streak earlier this week. I must admit I was tired and got a bit depressed about it all and contributed to the poor run. Anyhow, it was thus: IS. 9 straight losses, then a win A handy win on the Leo PTA A handy win on the 704 AMX 50 120. 10 straight losses then a win. I followed this up with 2 further terribad (300 or so WN8) wins then went to bed. I actually played ok up to about the last 5-6 games on the AMX, by which time I was in demoralised auto-potato mode. I should have gone to bed. This is EASILY the worst loss streak since i bought a Lowe as a 750 game n
  21. Have you got any replays that demonstrate this? i'm sure if I tried this, it'd still miss and they'd still hit LOL.
  22. Ok thanks, very inciteful. Helpful to me in making my decision. I think I'll access the credits stored up in it. Especially useful seeing as I bought my FV4202 last night, so I'm a bit short. One game in it, 4 kills seemed fun! So much more enjoyable the playing the Foch...
  23. I'm just wondering about the possibility, that, considering all TDs are getting a nerf, and even though the foch 155 is getting nerfed most of all, it might bring Tier 10 TDs back into the pack, but the 155 will still be an autoloader. It could even work out as a relative buff for the Foch? On the basis that is still has something unique to leverage. Do you think this is likely?
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