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  1. We are having database corruption which affects just some of the accounts. We are working on resolving this. I'm sorry about the inconvenience this causes.
  2. Issues should be fixed including ship leaderboards. "Yesterday" results will take a few days to appear. Please let us know if more issues remain. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for reporting, we will look into this ASAP. We are aware of a database corruption for EU server data which needs a backup-restore which given the size of the database takes a while. We will be fixing that too. Until then, EU is not going to work.
  4. Thanks for checking up, I appreciate it. We are still working on the project (as much as time permits). We are still having some scalability issues that we are resolving. I think the "one day stats" should be working now. We are aware and have fixed the security certificate issues, they should be resolved. Ship leaderboards is an interesting issue that we actually hadn't noticed before, thanks for reporting (possibly again). We will take a look.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. That's something on our radar but we still have to improve other things first.
  6. We gave the server some more resources, hopefully this will help the issues where it's failing on loading a profile.
  7. Yes, we added France as a nation to dropdowns so that they appear. Thanks for letting us know they were missing. Ship images should also now be fixed. What are the symptoms of this? White page? Some error message? Can you send a screenshot + screenshot of the Chrome debug console?
  8. We had a disk drive crash / corruption / etc. on the WOWS EU database. We have recovered, but while we were down data were not collected. It should gradually return to normal business. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  9. It was a bug, we are shuffling around how we store snapshots and changed that part of the code to return unordered snapshots without remembering that other parts of code assumed ordered ones. Thanks for noticing.
  10. From our side, we haven't forgotten about the fact we have corrupted data in our database (due to WG returning corrupt data) but due to the amount of data stored we are running out of space which limits our options in cleaning it up. We will probably move to a different hosting setup for the data (more expensive, but with better scaleability) and this will allow us to address it. Timeframes probably measured in weeks.
  11. The root cause is WG providing the corrupt snapshots without the IJN DDs. However, us still having these corrupt snapshots in database and being used for some calculations may be a contributing factor. In an ideal world, we would have cleared those corrupt snapshots from the database, but we are currently facing issues in doing that (basically we could remove them, but recalculating all the values dependent on them would take too long). We are gradually taking steps to allow to clear them, but we aren't there yet. We will get there eventually.
  12. https://na.warships.today/player/1002832475/FlorbFnarb Normally you should have been able to find yourself by just typing your username in the search bar and pressing Enter. But we were having some issues with the server.
  13. Thanks, Mesrith, we'll eventually try to look into this. Perhaps indeed it should try to add "~250" to the signature in all cases.
  14. Since we don't have per-game info from WG, the granularity is whatever the deltas between snapshots are. If all is working well then it should be close to the 250 and the difference between 242 and 261 in reality is inconsequential. We have a bunch of things in flight (mostly from stability / ability to grow perspective) that we have to finish before we start adding / changing features. We will have to implement those first. We are basically doing additional development for them for free which adds value to their game & ecosystem. I wish they would realize that. Oh well.
  15. There's still the "2 weeks" / etc. ratings which should be consistent (assuming the last major changes have been in place for more than 2 weeks).
  16. We really appreciate you discussing the issues here as we use it one of the indicators as to whether all works fine or not :).
  17. You are right. We basically collected corrupt snapshots from Wargaming (as they were sending out corrupt snapshots). This is causing various issues. It's not easy to fix as we have a really really high amount of data in the database, and going through all snapshots is slow + slows down the server. We're exploring the options of fixing this.
  18. There are some technical reasons why the intervals are the way they are. We are striking a balance between snapshots available and data size on the database. It could be that the data we're handling from a purely "number of records" perspective surpasses what the average U.S. company handles, and this is done on a basically shoestring budget. We are making a best-effort attempt to use "standard" intervals like 7d or 90d for signatures, bit it's not always possible. If you play every day and check your stats out on Warships.Today every day then it should be easier for Warships.Today t
  19. The different IDs are actually a very nice touch from WG, it makes it easier to track these sort of extensive "ship encyclopedia" changes, and otherwise WTR would be affected (but it's fine now). One issue we've run into is that the old ship images & encyclopedia values have been removed. Everyone will just have two ships now in their profile - old and new (can be distinguished by the different tiers). Does anyone see any more issues on warships.today?
  20. Thanks for letting us know. This sometimes happens during re-calculation (old values still not deleted, new values already present).
  21. New feature - statistics distribution (pseudo-)histogram charts now shown in vehicle page - with a reference point for the stats of the current user, if available. Feedback very welcome.
  22. No, no changes in that regard. However, we ran out of disk space a few days back and so didn't collect overnight snapshots while that happened. Therefore, you have gaps in snapshots and the usual intervals aren't available. It should fix itself over time as new snapshots are collected. Sorry about that.
  23. We tried to fix some issues with Yesterday/Today detection and had broken the "is profile hidden" functionality for some users. Apologies for this. It should be fixed now.
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