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  1. Hopefully it's not all of LIFE who's like that, doubt so anyway, it's just that one special retard who's also an officer for some reason And who says you have to follow every ping anyway? What if it was a bad ping to push a shit flank? Do you follow it like a retard? Sometimes pinging is also used for "shoot there", not fucking push into a crossfire like a retard, but obviously for someone like him, he can't differentiate those.
  2. _WorldConqueror_ (9:24:52 PM) do you know understand how annoying it is to get randonly pinged? _WorldConqueror_ (9:24:59 PM) *now TheRandomDude (9:25:10 PM) ? _WorldConqueror_ (9:25:19 PM) especially when you're actually pushing, into an unfavourable positon no less _WorldConqueror_ (9:25:28 PM) you were poinging me and the s pershing to push _WorldConqueror_ (9:25:34 PM) when they had a crossfire TheRandomDude (9:32:28 PM) you call that spam? TheRandomDude (9:32:30 PM) lol TheRandomDude (9:32:45 PM) Im not even asking you to push just support our T55A
  3. Strange, always thought the japanese people get better connection by going through hong kong to get to SG. But hey, seems like someone's argument cough"asians are still ruining wot in au server"cough is valid
  4. wasaabi (4:10:53 PM) Chat Ban Issued To TheRandomDude Derogatory comments said "reeeeeeeeeeee" chat banned reeeeeeeeeee
  5. TheRandomDude (6:21:03 PM) look at that top dmg TheRandomDude (6:21:05 PM) useless arty> TheRandomDude (6:21:07 PM) lmao The_Big_M (6:21:18 PM) yeah and I was top med TheRandomDude (6:21:21 PM) talk big shit for a worthless fucking camper The_Big_M (6:21:23 PM) even though botttom tier The_Big_M (6:21:24 PM) lmao The_Big_M (6:21:27 PM) idot arty TheRandomDude (6:21:31 PM) you want to camp , camp at a better location fucking moron The_Big_M (6:21:40 PM) wouldn't have got your points if i didn't spot for you The_Big_M (6:21
  6. Victory! Battle: Karelia Vehicles: VK 100.01 (P) Experience received: 2,498 Bonds received: 2 Credits earned: 84,723 Battle achievements: High Caliber, Steel Wall, Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Spartan, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" holy fuck my team of 8 tanks scared to rush one emil 2 up north....so I held up against 5 tanks welp at least I completed HT15 with honours Mission completed! Reward: Vehicles added: T 55A (crew 100%) Slots added: 1 YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  7. Looks like I have been officially chat-banned, after 20k+ battles, also somebody needs to get NZAD to shut the fuck up, useless fucking idiots running their mouths in gen chat like the fucking idiots they are, blaming my 112 for not suicide pushing with their mauschens who did 1k dmg each in a tier 9 battle into the enemy T95 and amx30.
  8. 268 best meme. Edit : Funny how I do better on other people's account rather than mine...
  9. Just had my bottom 2 wisdom tooth pulled out, feels so strange to not feel my lower jaw.
  10. Yeah, sorry about that....Pubbies were really bad last night, guess all the decent players left after ranked was over....
  11. I wish , had my team actually yoloed properly into their cap before they even realise it , we could have won , but oh nooooooo , that one cent AX looks so scary , the lemming train of 13 tanks can't possibly take out one cent AX.
  12. Man , what's going on in those fucking pubbies' minds , pushing north flank in karelia when you don't have the hill ESPECIALLY when you spawn north , don't they fucking realise they'll just get snipe to shit if they push the enemy base.
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