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  1. I would say go for T22 but rip that tank. Maus feels pretty braindead to me, and maybe also the IS-7.
  2. I don't mind farming on all these superheavies in a FV215b, really don't.
  3. same here? I just play kinda passive whenever it's possible
  4. CHAI = deadest of all dead clans
  5. Tell me that i'm not the only one who thinks HD E50/E50M looks disgusting.

    1. Tamagakure


      I feel like the outsourced modellers didn't try too hard with them, but at least the prenerf gun mantlets are back.

  6. other than the shit accuracy across the board + rip T49 memes this sounds...ok? I think everybody fails to realize that they all have the same MM as the current T8 lights but almost all of them are getting a HP buff. ** OK WTF WG WHY DID 2 SHELLS JUST LITERALLY DISAPPEARED INTO THIN AIR FROM 1390'S MAGAZINE
  7. I'm like past the stage of caring about how good i do in games... Now I just platoon with two of my friends and just play for fun.
  8. Can I just laugh for a second?


  9. i wonder how long it's gonna take for people to realize that 121B's turret armor isn't that much better than the T-54's

    and after that the tank is gonna be basically useless. it just doesn't cut it with that turret dispersion combined with basically 0 protection against heat.

    still miles better than the E6 tho lol

    1. Megrin


      + the dpm is shit.

  10. tlJBwMC.jpg

    like what were these 215bs thinking?

    literally farmed 7k damage off of this

  11. spammed like 10 HEAT shots into a Kranvagn turret

    0 pen.

    check tanks.gg and see it is 380mm effective

    feels like a retard man

    1. Strigonx


      at some angles it is 600mm effective

    2. AR_15


      Ya on test server I played almost exclusively the Grille, and I must have fired at least a hundred HEAT shells at the Cranberry Wagon's turret trying to find somewhere to pen with no success.

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