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  1. hmm... kool, I'll go look into it some more.... haven't worked all that much with APIs though.... guess I'll start learning
  2. I know the basic elements of python and was able to get the api to work... some what, but would that be "self-updating" though?
  3. Yes to the per vehicle stats, but... If we are doing tier 6 strongholds and there are 2 (or more) players with T37 let's say, I'm hoping to be able to make a spread sheet that tells us which one is a better player without having to look up specific players through a website... rather, just a spreadsheet with the vehicle windows 8 wn8 so we can easily compare. Not really all that efficient for just 2 players, but we are trying to become more competitive also in tournaments and such. I also want to make it in such a way so I do not have to look up stats for like 20 vehicles for 100 m
  4. Right now I'm trying to build an spreadsheet on google that displays the vehicle win8 for each player and their competitive tanks. To make it up-to-date and easy to maintain, as such I'm trying to find a way to link a specific cell box to the numeric data for the vehicle win8 (or another specific stat) for each player. As such, 1). Is there already a tool available for what I'm trying to achieve 2). Is there any way to access the vehicle win8/stat and export it into google spreadsheet Thanks in advance!
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