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  1. so far they are only on the testserver, so they should be live with the next patch (1.1)
  2. On the testserver, the old and new campaign have independent count of orders.
  3. yes, testserver is up. XP cost for this is 220.800
  4. For sure, that's the plan. I have 220k XP banked on it already. But I have the feeling this will not be enough...
  5. It seems like you've used the effective values in your comparison, but WG states the base values? Looking on the current (base) stats on tanks.gg shows the same 48°/s hull, 40°/s turret rotation speeds, as well as the 8s base reload time for the 219-pen gun. Also the current base acc is 0,38 and the aim time 2,90s. So to me it seems like it trades armour and health for more view range and a bit better accuracy. I guess it would be interesting to see what they want to do with the other gun on it. Also for me the most interesting stat would be how much XP the new tier X will cost. So I can grind it now, while it still has some armour...
  6. So the patch hit today and I noticed the following line in the changelog: It seems like with this change, premium tanks with a fixed skin (like the GFs, Defender, Liberte) now get the same camo value as their un-skinned versions with applied camoflage. And the fixed camo affects the concealment as a flat bonus, just like regular camo, so it is not amplified by the camo crew skill anymore. So now, I only get 36,5% camo on my 13 57 GF, instead of the 36,86% it used to get (according to the garage stats) with the same setup. Which is the same as the non GF 13 57 gets as well. The same percentages are reached by the guy in this post, before the 1.0.1 changes: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/667999-amx-13-57-gf-vs-amx-13-57-pro-and-cons/page__pid__15586883#entry15586883 So did they stealth-nerf the fixed-skinned premiums or has it always only been a display error, as the changelog makes it sound like?
  7. The patchlog on the EU portal states: So seems like only buffs, no nerf to the lower plate.
  8. I think the T-44-100 is still a bit better, especially in matches where you are low tier, since the better mobility is worth more than the slightly better armour on the mod1. The problem with the T-44-100 is that it is ridiculously more expensive, because it was introduced as a marathon reward first. So from a value for money perspective the mod1 is far superior in my opinion and now the mobility is also sufficient in higher tiered matches, and when you are top tier the bullying is really nice through the great armour on T8. So I'd wait for a sale on the mod1 and get it then if I where you.
  9. I also wonder about the mechanic to switch between shell types. I'd guess too, that it will just load it into the next "free slot" and you have to fire off the already loaded shells before it's in the chamber.
  10. As far as I understand it, v31 are just the same values as v30 in a different format. So just with only 50 rows (10 tiers x 5 classes) of the averaged values for each tier/class combination, instead of one row for each single tank which all have their "unique" values. So to use v31 you would have to alter your formula from something like looking up the values of the "M48 Patton", to just looking for "Tier 10 Medium" to get the WN8 for the Patton. But since the XVM has real unique values per tank again, no adjustments to your calculation formula has to be made if you use them.
  11. Can confirm, the assumptions on how the orders are automatically commited to skipped 15th missions are true. Also, free 260 for me
  12. The T55A uses Russia camo AFAIK, so it might also be 3 Germany, 3 USA, and 6 for Russia. At least that's how it worked with CW camos if I remember correctly.
  13. Great, with these buffs the AMX 13 105 will have more potential damage than the BatChat. 33x390 compared to 30x390... They should buff the Bat Chat ammo capacity as well!
  14. Maybe these are the vehicles for the new tutorial/"bootcamp" that is also part of 9.19.1?
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