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  1. this guy is like sirericbreheny
  2. Goodbye Erlenshit. Goodbye Studzianki. I don't care if they're not in rotation, i don't want to see them ever again in my life.
  3. why would you even use the standard APCR on the tier 10 when you have meme tier HE rounds that have tier 10 heavy alpha and have enough penetration to fuck over light armored vehicles and side or rear armor.
  4. that would be unfair for the SEA people. They cannot hope to top his autism.
  5. imagine being so much of a butthurt faggot to come to dedlabs and sperg
  6. What are the chances that if i reroll to SEA i could meet hopey in game and TK him for the luls?
  7. >I play on my own account >Get neutered by skyfaggots with xvm or yoloed by retards >play low WN8 account >mfw 80%+ win rate because they just flat out refuse to shoot me
  8. Or the improved hitboxes on all the maps that block incoming shots but can be shot through
  9. I went to a public university and dropped out. - Engineering drop out
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