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  1. Go back to being dead from the game grandpa
  2. Hello there fresh meat. Welcome to the meatgrinder.
  3. Pepega rushing with EBR 75 to block cap and kill cappers is effective and could potentially gain you rank much easier, that said you're probably going to die.
  4. I don't hate him i just want to know what the fuck is wrong with him.
  5. Bot detected. If not bot then show dickpic
  6. You went from replacing 0s with Os to using the english words for numbers containing 0s. Is this some sort of condensed autism?
  7. Lets make a gofundme for Dirizon so he can get a keyboard with a functional 0 key.


    1. j_galt


      Wouldn't that get close to literally feeding the troll?  Or at least get him kicked out of the Tragically Leet Association?

    2. WhatTheSkara


      We just need to swap the O and 0 keys. Would literally fix everything :bigdoge:

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