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  1. As a player who recently achieved his goal of breaking 2k recent, and working on trying to hold onto a 2200 recent. I was wondering what is that extra step needed to break into light purple. Does it depend more on tanks, or map play? I often find myself holding a higher wn8 in certain tanks, than others. Tanks that are more able to flex and use control points of maps. So this would lead me to believe that the next level lies in the correct pick of tanks vs how they are used. For instance, if you pick a slow well armored heavy, things can go well if the oth
  2. I am 3 minutes away from the hospital I was born in. Been in the military and been a whole world away, now I'm back.
  3. Something is wrong with this last post. ^ I can't delete anything What I was trying to type is below. Looks like you broke it today. Congrats. IDK why it went back down for 2 days. Was weird. It's up to something like 2021
  4. Yea, I'm about to hit light blue overall. More rain incoming for me.
  5. I don't think mine will ever get that high. Too many games. Would take like 40k more I bet. Now I have to think about what's my next goal. Besides keeping 2k recent.
  6. For a long time now, that simple 2000 number has been long out of my reach. Today, I broke it. Here's to keeping it there and going higher.
  7. Had a match the other day, where I was spotting targets, and this guy kept trying to tell me to push up. I said in chat, hwo about you guys shoot the tanks I'm spotting before telling me to suicide rush them?
  8. http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=182697#personal
  9. That's my problem as well. I will tend to extend out trying to get good spots, and end up being solo and get swarmed. Lately I've only been extending in spots that I know I can recover from, or I think the rewards outplay the risks. Put myself in spots that if I watch my team, I can play bait and get tanks to come after me and get wrecked. Or maybe play off of my team and flank targets. I've also been using my speed now more as a getaway, instead of getting into position sooner. Like earlier today. I used my speed to get to a very important spotting bush. When i got th
  10. I used to be horrible with med tanks. SO much so that I hated playing them. I didn't have a clue what to do. I almost always stuck my neck out too far. But lately I think I have been getting the hang of it. Going by WN8 only, they are now my best class. I'm still not great, but it seems if I keep doing what I am doing, maybe I can go purple in the class? I know there is still a lot of improvement to be made. All of my replays are on Vbaddict. If anyone is willing to watch and criticize me. Other than that, I'm always down to platoon with
  11. Careful asking this. I got bashed for asking the same thing.
  12. Ok, now I am getting a little pissed here. It's been MONTHS, and yet no wn8 for a lot of these new tanks. The 59-patton just got a fairly big buff, yet still no stats. I like to play my m4, and 59, but I hate how they show as a 0. When the crap is this going to be fixed?
  13. but if I do that, RNG gods will no longer accept it.
  14. ah ok. I did the WoT verify, so I thought it would be instant.
  15. But they are. That's why I posted my real recent. I seen a few other new players with the very same recent on the left. Also the overall is nowhere close.
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